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Braking Tips

     Safety Tips

No.Tip NameTeaser
029Braking MethodDetermined by your speed
030Taper BrakingWhy 75%/25% is incorrect
031You Only Hit That Car ...If You Don't QUITE Stop In Time
032Stopping Distance And TimeThe math is simple
064BrakesTheir Real Job is NOT to Stop - it is to SLOW the bike
091Locked BrakesSometimes (rarely) this is the fastest way to stop
100Sliding Rear Tire - Brake LockedHighside likely
101Sliding Rear Tire - Brake Not LockedHighside NOT likely
125Heavier Bike vs. Stopping DistanceYou should know this before driving down the mountain
128Braking In A Curve(Of course you can)
174Braking Is NOT A Zero-sum GameWeight transfer always occurs
192Rear Tire 'Chirp'When hard braking or downshifting
214How To Save It If You Do A StoppieEASE OFF YOUR BRAKE!
216Downshifting During Emergency BrakingMSF teaches an unsafe practice
230Learning To 'Threshold Brake'Requires great care
242Controlling your Rear BrakeIn an Emergency
244Lower Gear or Brakes?(On a Downhill or Turn)
249Parking Lot Practice to MASTERyour clutch and front-brake lever controls
2625 mphis NOT trivial!
263'Grabbing a handful'What does that mean?
264How dangerous is a quick squeezeduring a quick-stop?
267Threshold Brakingis FREE, if you practice 0.8g stops
273Coefficient of Frictionis essentially Traction
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