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A Plea For Your Help

Over the past twenty years the the Motorcycle Tips & Techniques Safety Forum and I, as it's creator, have:

Though access to the forum is free, there are significant operating costs:

Known results:

Probable results:

42,000 deaths or serious injuries did not occur!

You may well be one of those 42,000 statistics that didn't happen. Your help is needed to spread the message of motorcycle safety.

Make no mistake, whether or not you contribute here I will continue the Safety forum and the Motorcycle Tips & Techniques site.  Funds raised in this drive will FIRST go to cover site operational expenses. Whatever remains will be applied to covering past expenses, and keeping the site current.

If you have gained from my writings and would like to help me out in return I would be most grateful.

Please use the Donate button below to access PayPal in order to make your donation.

Or, a one-time $10 donation can be made using the Bitcoins button below.

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For those of you who would rather contribute via a check instead of using PayPal, please send it to: 

James R. Davis 
10402 Sandpiper Dr. #273 
Houston, Tx 77096