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Protecting Those Numb Fingers
A surprising find in your first-aid kit

By: James R. Davis

We have all ridden in cold weather and despite having heavy gloves, possibly including extra liners, those fingers get too cold and begin to numb.

(By the way, I have found that silk liners offer better cold weather protection than heavier cloth liners.)

So, what to do about it?

Here is a tip that my partner, Cash Anthony, came up with a couple of years ago when we were out on the last leg (612 miles) of a week on the road and it was so cold that our fingers began to get numb. We pulled to the side of the road, got off our bikes, and dug into our first-aid kits. We pulled out a set of latex gloves and put them on over the liners, then put our regular gloves on over the latex gloves. It's amazing how effective that simple idea turned out to be.

(You do carry latex gloves in your first-aid kit, right?)

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