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Gasoline Can Be Trouble
Depending on when you buy it

By: James R. Davis

It is time to fill the scooter up. There are gas stations everywhere and you happen to prefer a particular brand. You have always had good and consistent performance from their gasoline and always use the same grade.

Fortunately, there is a station just ahead sporting their logo.

  • Is that all you have to know?

Usually. However, if you fill your tank at this particular station, now, you are asking for trouble in the form of bad performance and even repair bills soon!

But you have purchased gasoline from this particular station many times in the past, and will no doubt continue to do so.

  • Does that change anything?

No. If you purchase gasoline from this station now you are asking for trouble.

You see, there is not a lot of room in the station just now as there is a tanker truck taking up a lot of space - or you just saw one leaving.

  • Space is a problem?

No. But underground there are a set of huge tanks containing gasoline. And Water. And silt. And other 'stuff'.

The name brand station across the street has the same kind of underground tanks, and it would be FAR BETTER to buy your gasoline there just now.

  • Because they have the same kind of tanks?


  • Because they don't have water and silt and other 'stuff' in those tanks?

No. Because a tanker truck is not sitting on the lot, or having just left.

  • Huh?????

Most of the time the extraneous water and silt and 'stuff' in those tanks is safely settled to the bottom of those underground tanks. When you pump gasoline from them you are not getting virtually any of it into the tank on your motorcycle (or car.) And, despite the fact that your motorcycle has fuel filters and screens built into them, this is good because you would rather not have your engine stall because of a clogged fuel line, or get poor performance because of trying to burn water.

But when those tankers add their loads to those underground tanks they do a marvelous job of stirring and mixing up those tanks. It could take an hour or so for the adulterants to settle back to the bottom.

If you see a tanker in the lot, or one is just pulling out, go to another station for your gasoline.

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(James R. Davis is a recognized expert witness in the fields of Motorcycle Safety/Dynamics.)

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