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Bungee Cords and Stretch Nets

By: James R. Davis

Most of us have at least one set (usually far more) of bungee cords and/or stretch nets to help us secure items to our bikes when we travel. Even with large luggage compartments on some bikes, the bungee cord/stretch net need exists as these are used to secure items that will not fit into those compartments (tents, folding chairs, Christmas presents ...)

You should realize that one of the most frequent forms of injury to motorcyclists is damage or loss of an eye - from a bungee cord or net that breaks or slips from your hand while trying to attach or detach it from the bike.

Eye protection is NECESSARY when handling bungee cords and stretch nets but may be essentially useless against the impact of one of the metal ends of a bungy cord that snaps directly into your eye.

When you remove whatever you have secured to your bike with those cords, REMOVE the cord(s) right then and there! (At least reattach it so that it cannot come loose even without that item.) It is oh so easy to fail to notice a dangling cord when you start your next ride. A dangling bungee cord wants nothing more than to find a way to wrap itself around your rear axle and the odds are good that you and the bike will not find that a pleasant experience if it's successful in its quest.

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(James R. Davis is a recognized expert witness in the fields of Motorcycle Safety/Dynamics.)

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