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Motorcycle Safety/Dynamics

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New Rider Tips

     Safety Tips

No.Tip NameTeaser
002Maiden VoyageGetting it home from the dealership
003What They Didn't Teach During The MSF ClassAnd a couple of things they shouldn't have
006Teaching A Newbie To LeanActually, helpful hints for all
007Dumping A Bike Is No SinBut ending up under it is
018Sunblock Can Kill YouHonest! Trust me!
019Cooling Down In Very Hot WeatherEvaporation is everything
020Cold Weather StartingBecause you have a wet clutch you need to know this
023Crash BarsBelieve it or not, they may be MORE dangerous than helpful
024Peer Pressure Is Easy - You Aren'tWe don't argue with ourselves enough
025Controlling Your LaneTwo wheels are enough to own a lane
026Coffee - If You Need It, STOPDrugs are no substitute for rest when you need it
053Some People Should Not Be Riding MotorcyclesA curmudgeon's point of view
058How To Ride Over That Thing In The RoadAnd survive the encounter
061Gassing Up?Get OFF!
069Target FixationRather than let it lead you into trouble, use it
077128 Ways To Dump Your BikeConfessions from those who have done it
079Key RingsKeep them short!
090Attention LimitsYour radio may be one distration too many
113Learning To RideSqueezing both levers gets you out of trouble
115Covering Those Control LeversA function of speed, not style
116Motorcycle Goes Where You're LookingMagic? Undiscovered law of physics? Does it really work?
117Before You DismountSix things to do
134Yellow Is Red Or Green(I'd rather be red than dead)
144Selecting That HelmetFullface fit and usage
146Where Do Those Toes Belong?<u>Above</u> the levers
147Surface Street StrategyTicket avoidance
148Stuck Signal LightsSensible approaches
151SpeedDoes NOT provide stability
153Running LateTake the car
154Taking That Jacket OffUnless the odds are worse
155Off-road ExperienceGood or bad?
158Form vs FunctionGoing through the motions
170Beating The OddsRequires that you behave ABNORMALLY
177Squeezing Both LeversIs often enough to save it
178Finding Neutral Is A Startup ActivityLeave it in gear when the ride is over
182Fear Can Kill YouTurn it into RESPECT
185Bungee Cords And Stretch NetsAre DANGEROUS!
191REACTING!Will save your life
198Listen To That Inner VoiceSome call it 'intuition'
201Filing A 'Flight Plan'Very savvy self-defense
202Intersection TurnsONE LANE AT A TIME!
206Riding Your Own Ride(Playing the odds)
217Your Motorcycle CANNOT Fall Down(At any speed greater than 10 MPH, given traction)
219Traction PieDumbness personified
226"I Laid It Down" Is A CrockMore charitably, it is an excuse
227Guns Aren't DangerousYou are
228Visual Conflict Of InterestEspecially when accelerating
229ConspicuityDon't give them the excuse
232Starting from a dead stop on a hillIt's not which brake to use, it's managing your friction zone
239Just Do It!ALL riders have those moments of doubt
240Control is an Optical Illusion ...Without Experience
241Friction ZoneYou must MASTER this control!
245You got your endorsement.Now what?
251Informed ConsentSigning a Liability Waiver should mean something more than giving away your rights
257Standing on your PegsControl AND Visibility
259Driving a Green Car Results in Our ...KILLING A MOTORCYCLIST
260Motorcyclist DiesWho Killed Her?
261Left Turner in front of a MotorcycleGets what he paid for
274Skill is NOT EnoughSurvival depends on mental behavior
275When is it time to hangup the saddle?Some thoughts
A plea for your help