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Group Riding Tips

     Safety Tips

No.Tip NameTeaser
016Riding Drag Is Anything ButFor your most skilled/most experienced/best equipped
017Closing The DoorExample of good lead/drag bike coordination
057Group Riding - Roles and FormOur way
062Group Riding - Size mattersRubber Band Effect
072Joining A GroupNever while it is moving
078The Prime DirectiveNever hit the bike in front of you
088'2-Second Rule'Determined by road conditions
099Group Riding - Still YOUR RideIt is not playing 'follow the leader'
123The Odd Duck In The Group ...Is Still Part Of The Family
145Collaborative Group RidingRide your own ride AND respect the others
161Groups Of TwoLead in the left or right track?
184Group Ride Lane ChangesOrchestrate for greater safety
210Highway Group Riding 'Rules'Never trump safety
243Lock-step Synchrony is Bad Form(Be a traffic shock absorber)
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