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Motorcycle Safety/Dynamics

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Maintenance and Technology Tips

     Safety Tips

No.Tip NameTeaser
005Shock Absorbers Aren'tA detailed Discussion of what they really do
008Excessive Tire WearA list of causes
009Tire PressureMore temperature sensitive than you might think
010Tire PlugsApparently little known facts that are important
027Maintenance - Long Before Your TourEven the best 'wrench' makes mistakes
042Synthetic OilsAlmost always better than petroleum based
043Using Teflon® AdditivesNot very smart
044Trailer Hitch FundamentalsConnect those chains properly
047Electrical SystemsCommon sense advice
051Three-Wheeled VehiclesA few sobering realities
052Side-standsWhat could possibly be said about these?
073BatteriesMore than you ever wanted to know
074Weight TransferWhat it is, why does it happen, and why should you care?
080Swing ArmsYour anti-squat linkage
081Brake LeverCheck it before you need it
082Integrated Braking SystemsA marginal benefit that can save your life
083Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS)Can, but are NOT designed to help you stop faster!
084There Is More To Traction Than FrictionStick and Grip
08560,000 Mile Motorcycle TiresWould you buy them?
087Dry RotHow to avoid it
094Reading Gear RatiosDetermining speed potential
096WindscreensBigger may not be better at all
106Center Of GravityHow to calculate where it is
112New TiresNEED to GROW befroe you stress them
121Tire AdditivesMiracle products or trouble waiting to happen?
122Spokes May Look Good But ...(Tubeless vs. Tube-type tires)
126Highway Boards (Pegs)Should be standard equipment
127Gas Tank LocksSubtle safety feature
137Cigarette LighterAs accessory that makes sense for all
138Add $2 When You Change A TireAnd do it right
163Rake Angle And SteeringTrail Causes Self-correction
166Dragging PegsAre a safety feature
167The Faster You Go ...The Less You Weigh!
169Lateral AccelerationAmplifies a 'flick' into a 'jolt' or highside
175Master Chain LinkRetaining clip
180Weight And TractionManagement
183Why Counter-steering Begins At ...About 6 MPH
186The Third GyroscopeAdds stability
187TrailThe righting effect
188Motorcycle DynamicsLike physics, it's a balancing act
190Tank-slappersHarmonics at work
203Leaning And Turning Are NOT EquivalentPush right - GO Right
207Weight and MassThey are NOT the same thing!
209If YouCan Do A Stoppie ...You CANNOT stop as quickly as others
211Keeping Your Rear Wheel On The GroundIs hard to do
220Cruise ControlNever if the road is wet
221Performance Is All About TORQUE ...Not HP
223Chains Are Not Trouble FreeEfficient but NOT trouble free
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