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Safety Tip Articles: 001 thru 036

     Safety Tips

No.Tip NameTeaser
001Highside DynamicsWhat happens and how to prevent it
002Maiden VoyageGetting it home from the dealership
003What They Didn't Teach During The MSF ClassAnd a couple of things they shouldn't have
004Pre-ride Briefing For Your New PassengerS/he is the BOSS, but you set the rules
005Shock Absorbers Aren'tA detailed Discussion of what they really do
006Teaching A Newbie To LeanActually, helpful hints for all
007Dumping A Bike Is No SinBut ending up under it is
008Excessive Tire WearA list of causes
009Tire PressureMore temperature sensitive than you might think
010Tire PlugsApparently little known facts that are important
011One Rule That Will Keep You AliveOn City Streets
012Motorcycle Officers Are Not The Best ExamplesThey have different realities
013The Buddy SystemWhen your stator fails you can still ride it home
014CB Help ChannelCertainly not 9, probably not 1
015Planning That Poker RunSuggestions from one who's been there
016Riding Drag Is Anything ButFor your most skilled/most experienced/best equipped
017Closing The DoorExample of good lead/drag bike coordination
018Sunblock Can Kill YouHonest! Trust me!
019Cooling Down In Very Hot WeatherEvaporation is everything
020Cold Weather StartingBecause you have a wet clutch you need to know this
021Protecting Those Numb FingersA surprising find in your first-aid kit
022Leathers Really Are Worth The Price20+ times more effective than your jeans
023Crash BarsBelieve it or not, they may be MORE dangerous than helpful
024Peer Pressure Is Easy - You Aren'tWe don't argue with ourselves enough
025Controlling Your LaneTwo wheels are enough to own a lane
026Coffee - If You Need It, STOPDrugs are no substitute for rest when you need it
027Maintenance - Long Before Your TourEven the best 'wrench' makes mistakes
028HelmetsLethal or life saving? - A 'cause' or 'extremism'?
029Braking MethodDetermined by your speed
030Taper BrakingWhy 75%/25% is incorrect
031You Only Hit That Car ...If You Don't QUITE Stop In Time
032Stopping Distance And TimeThe math is simple
033Riding With 'Colors' On The StreetNonsense!
034Precautions While Traveling ...In An Armed Land
035Hydroplaning IssuesWhat is it? What to do about it? Are they making new tires less safe?
036Tips For Little Riders Of Big BikesThe balls of your feet will tell
A plea for your help