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Motorcycle Safety/Dynamics

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Safety Tip Articles: 217 thru 252

     Safety Tips

No.Tip NameTeaser
217Your Motorcycle CANNOT Fall Down(At any speed greater than 10 MPH, given traction)
218All Riders Are RetreadsIf they have ridden a motorcycle at least twice
219Traction PieDumbness personified
220Cruise ControlNever if the road is wet
221Performance Is All About TORQUE ...Not HP
222Moving From Scooters To MotorcyclesGaining a new safety feature
223Chains Are Not Trouble FreeEfficient but NOT trouble free
224Rider Education ala MSFIs NOT about safety!
225Newbie Attending Rider TrainingPreparation and other considerations
226"I Laid It Down" Is A CrockMore charitably, it is an excuse
227Guns Aren't DangerousYou are
228Visual Conflict Of InterestEspecially when accelerating
229ConspicuityDon't give them the excuse
230Learning To 'Threshold Brake'Requires great care
231Advisory 'Speed Limit' SignsWhat they are, what they mean
232Starting from a dead stop on a hillIt's not which brake to use, it's managing your friction zone
233Slow-speed Counter-steering?Absolutely NOT!
234Wide Open Throttle PreventionReduce training deaths!
235Fastest Possible Right TurnOn Public Streets
236Gods or Demons?Which voices should you pay attention to?
237Witnesses are GoldenEspecially if they're reliable
238Mental ModelsThe "Close To Home" one needs to be built
239Just Do It!ALL riders have those moments of doubt
240Control is an Optical Illusion ...Without Experience
241Friction ZoneYou must MASTER this control!
242Controlling your Rear BrakeIn an Emergency
243Lock-step Synchrony is Bad Form(Be a traffic shock absorber)
244Lower Gear or Brakes?(On a Downhill or Turn)
245You got your endorsement.Now what?
246You should *NOT* ride at your skill level(Always maintain an 'escape path')
247Path Travelled(Not at all obvious)
248Why Counter-steeringis so hard to understand
249Parking Lot Practice to MASTERyour clutch and front-brake lever controls
250Not all 'beards' are hairy("Not-For-Profit' does NOT, necessarily, mean 'Charitable')
251Informed ConsentSigning a Liability Waiver should mean something more than giving away your rights
252Your NeckRacing Gear Hits The Streets
A plea for your help