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Old Posts Buying a used bike - is this a good deal?
Here is a forum in which you can ask for and discuss used bike purchase questions like: Is the price reasonable? What else should I ask for? Can the seller REALLY have just installed a NEW stator on this 28 year old bike I'm thinking of buying?

What this forum is NOT for is listing YOUR bike for sale.
12 95 11/12/2013
9:44 PM
by: kacinpa Jump to Last Post
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Old Posts Add-ons / Customization
Want to make your bike a little different from the next guy's? You might find in this forum how our other members tackled the nitty gritty of making those changes.
111 628 07/26/2014
7:46 PM
by: SkootchNC Jump to Last Post
Axiom2000 RSS Feed for this forum only  
Old Posts Improve your skills
Yep, parking lot practice is fundamental. But some of you have found other ways and may be willing to share here.

NOTE: The first time somebody posts a HOW TO DO A WHEELIE OR STOPPIE post this forum goes away.
89 907 07/01/2014
11:04 AM
by: MotoGG Jump to Last Post
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Old Posts Preventative Maintenance
Some kinds of maintenance (most, actually) should be done by trained professionals. But there are lots of things you can do for yourself. Here you can share the how to's with our other members.
33 261 08/19/2013
9:53 AM
by: rkfire Jump to Last Post
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