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 1986 Honda Goldwing SEi stator...help!
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Posted - 04/26/2005 :  9:41 PM                       Like
I have a 1986 Honda Goldwing sei in excellent condition. but at sometime will need a stater replaced. Are there any inexpensive solutions to replacing the stater? Thanks.

Indiana Randy
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Fort Wayne, Indiana


2000 Magna V4 750

Posted - 04/27/2005 :  3:58 PM
I used to have an '85 GW. They are notorious (Like most Hondas of that era) for having a poor connection which heats up, fries and kills the bike. This conection is located on 3 yellow wires by the battery coming from the rectifier.

You can 'hard wire' the connection to cure the problem by cutting and removing the connectors and soldering the yellow wires. It doesn't matter what wire you solder to what wire.

Tis a simple fix.
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James R. Davis
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Houston, TX


GoldWing 1500

Posted - 04/27/2005 :  4:05 PM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
While it's true that the connector you mentioned often overheated and failed, there is little evidence that it caused the stators to fail. At close to 35,000 miles those puppies lost 1/3 of their coils (short or open) whether that connector had been removed or not.

Your first indication of trouble will be when you notice that regardless of engine speed your volt meter (the SEi has a very complete set of instruments) will drop from about 12.5 Volts to about 10.3 Volts and no longer, therefore, be able to keep your battery charged. Unfortunately they seemed to be intermittently failing for some time before they became totally unusable and the voltage will go back up to 12.5 for sometimes weeks before it fails again.

You can get the original one rewound for a slightly lower bill but the real cost is in removal and re-installation. The SEi used the larger stator and it was less prone to fail than the other 1200's, but I assure you it did. The stator on my SEi failed at 40,000 miles and I had the connector removed on those three yellow wires many thousands of miles before that happened.

I thought my SEi was the finest bike I ever owned. The fuel injection system was like a rock, never needed adjustments or repairs in the 120,000 miles I owned the bike. The trip computer was similarly bulletproof. The on-board air compressor needed to be desiccated every other year or so, but never failed. After 10 years moisture got into the radio station indicator and I was no longer able to read it, but the cost to repair it was too great to bother. The clutch lasted 80,000 miles before I had it rebuilt. The rear spline gear had to be replaced after 60,000 miles because I failed to get it properly lubed with each tire change. I had to replace the front fork seals twice in ten years - about what I expected and believe is pretty normal. It was a sweet and responsive ride for over a decade. You got a keeper, if you treat it right.
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