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 Questions on tires
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San Jose, Ca


1994 GL1500SE
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Posted - 05/03/2005 :  3:40 PM                       Like
Hi gang,

I've been registered here for a few weeks, reading everything I can. I'm a new rider, having just bought a pre-owned Suzuki Burgman 400. I've passed the Motorcycle Safety Course, and I've put about 200 miles or so on the scoot commuting to work. This site is a god-send when it comes to learning about motorcycles (even though I've only got a scooter!) - thanks for making it available!

I'm wondering about tires - I've seen talk here and on other boards about tires being "used up" or "worn out" but I haven't seen anything concrete that describes the condition. On my truck I use a gauge to measure tread depth, and plan on replacing tires when they get to 3/32" or so. I know that motorcycle tires are more critical than say the duallies on the back of my truck, but is there a generally agreed-upon number below which the tire is unsafe? Do these tires have wear indicators built into them, and if so can I rely on that, or are they beyond safe when the wear indicators show up?

Alan Hepburn

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Hempstead, NY


Electra Glide U.C.

Posted - 05/03/2005 :  3:50 PM
Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm not familiar with what tires are on the Suzuki but, the Dunlops on my bike do have wear indicators. My service manual and owners manual both suggest changing the tires before the wear indicators start to show. What I picked up was a pressure gauge with a tread gauge built-in. The one I have is from Harley but, I'm sure they are available other places.

Once again, welcome and ride safe.
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Ellettsville, IN


800 Intruder

Posted - 05/04/2005 :  3:02 AM
Here's a handy page on the bridgestone/Firestone site that answers most questions anyone has about tires:

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Jerry Godell
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Kansas City, kansas


FXD SuperGlide

Posted - 05/04/2005 :  9:22 AM
Here's a handy page on the bridgestone/Firestone site that answers most questions anyone has about tires:


This is the second site (Dunlop the first) that states not to use tires that have been run on a 'Dyno'.
I have taken several Harley Davidson factory tours. They run all bikes on a 'Dyno'. Are the manufactures just covering their @#$%?
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United Kingdom



Posted - 05/05/2005 :  6:14 AM
Use a tyre depth gauge just like you would on your truck. Over here in the UK, the legal limit is 1.6mm (1/16") but most people change their tyres at about 2mm.
The 2 things to watch for are 1) "squaring off" if you do a lot of freeway riding, when the centre of the tyre wears well before the edges, causing the profile to become square. This feels really evil and it's best to replace. And 2) Age. If you do not do many miles, the rubber can harden and split with age. It is not usually a problem with bikes as the tyre will only last 5 - 10,000 miles.

Hope this helps.

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