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Posted - 05/04/2005 :  10:09 AM                       Like
I just bought an 82 Kawasaki 305 CSR which seemed to be running fine when I bought it but after I flooded the engine 2 weeks ago I can't get it to run properly. It's my first bike and I didn't know that I had to turn the fuel off when I had the bike off.

I took it down the street a couple of times the first day I had it and even then it wouldn't idle very well although it didn't run for very long and may have been cold, but after I left the fuel on for a couple of days I couldn't get it started until I changed the plugs but even then it would sputter, stall out, and wouldn't start unless I used starter fluid.

I changed the oil which seemed to have some gas in it and I cleaned out the carbs with that spray carb cleaner. Oh, and I replaced the battery.

When it starts sometimes it will run for like 30 seconds and seem OK but then it will start to smoke and sputter. I cant turn the choke down either or it will stall. I also checked the stater with a volt meter which seemed to be working fine.

Anybody have any ideas?

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Posted - 05/04/2005 :  11:49 AM
I'm no mechanic, but if you really did have gas in your oil, your bike has some serious problems, I'd think. Did you actually test ride it before buying it, or at least ask the previous owner to run it for you? If there's gas in the oil, then it's theoretically possible for the reverse to be true, i.e. oil getting into your gas, which could cause smoking and sputtering.

Hate to be pessimistic, but my first reaction is that the previous owner somehow hid the defect and sold you a busted scoot.
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Posted - 05/05/2005 :  9:16 AM
Welcome to the world of older bikes! I guess I wouldn't be too concerned about the symptoms that you've described. Obviously you've got some fuel problems. It sounds like your float valve isn't doing its job effectively. Sometimes the float leaks and then doesn't work any more. Sometimes there's dirt that comes from your tank and prevents the float valve from working properly. You may have one or both of these problems.

You should probably pull the carbs off, remove the bowls and spray liberally with carb cleaner. Use compressed air to remove any dirt or varnish from the small passages within the carbs. Check your carb diaphragms for holes. Inspect your float valve and possibly replace valve, seat, float. Check inside of gas tank for excessive rust. Add in-line fuel filter between petcock and carbs. . . .

Repeat as necessary!

Once you get it working, learn from the POs mistakes. Use fuel stabilizer when you store it over the winter. Drain fuel from the carbs, etc. Sure its a PIA to get 'er cleaned up and running, but you'll understand your bike much better when you finally get it running, and it really shouldn't cost too much.

good luck,

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