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 Peg lowering kits
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Randolph, NJ

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Posted - 05/25/2005 :  1:06 PM                       Like
I was told VH makes a lowering kit for the BMW Rockster. I'm no wizz on the internet and cannot find such a company. Anyone know where I can find?


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Posted - 05/25/2005 :  1:29 PM
Perhaps VH stands for Verholen.

If so, maybe try this:
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St. Charles, MO


Springer Classic

Posted - 05/25/2005 :  1:30 PM
Originally posted by jes

I was told VH makes a lowering kit for the BMW Rockster. I'm no wizz on the internet and cannot find such a company. Anyone know where I can find?


Try this:
When Google comes up, type in *bmw rockster lowering kit*
It'll take you there...
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Posted - 05/26/2005 :  7:22 AM
Are you looking for a peg lowering kit or a bike lowering kit?
Kuryakyn.com makes some peg lowering kits.
Check into a club online for that BMW Rockster and ask the members.
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Posted - 05/26/2005 :  10:22 AM
Since this is a safety-oriented board, I'll bite. Is lowering the pegs a safety hazard?

I'm not familiar with the bike in question. I assume a tall, dual purpose like I have could stand the pegs lowered a bit, but some of the shorter bikes couldn't. I think if I ever drag a peg, the wreck has already started.

Edited by - kiddal on 05/26/2005 10:23 AM
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James R. Davis
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GoldWing 1500

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  10:36 AM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
Yep, I tend to agree with that assessment.

Of course you can jack up the suspension a bit to overcome the effect of lowering the pegs. But it seems to me that if the reason to lower the pegs in the first place is because a person's legs are too long for the bike he's riding he would be better off finding a bike that fits him better than messing with the pegs and suspension.

I have the experience of having a world class metal shop design engine guards for Cash's first bike. The owner was a friend and I had no doubt that his work would be first class. Unfortunately, he was not a biker. When he returned the bike to Cash it was obvious. The guards looked terrific! But, they were too wide at the bottom and they severely restricted the lean angle Cash could get on her bike - they would hit the ground before her pegs!!

He, at his own nickle, redesigned those engine guards, of course.

The message here is that even good ideas need to be practical. Lowering the pegs might well be a good idea, but there are practical consequences.
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