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 Motorcycle Safety
 Sharing of Lessons Learned
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Claremore, OK

Peer Review:

Posted - 02/15/2005 :  4:11 AM                       Like
Hello Brother/Sister Riders:

I have an important topic i want to bring to everyones attention.
There seems to be alot of talk on safety equipment, helmets , leathers, etc. What i don't hear very many people talking about is insurance mainly yours. I was recently involved in a accident, lady ran a stop sign broad sided me breaking my leg. Ok its bad enough being injured and laid up. Your thinking this sucks but hey shes/hes got insurance. What if its not enough? Well i can sue. Sure you can but that takes time and you can't get blood out of a turnip. One broke leg Ambulance ride to the hospital 1000.00 Operation to repair leg 10,0000.00 Another 7000 to 8000.00 for physical therapy. Being off work for 6 to 8 weeks priceless. My point being you can't count on the cage drivers to have enough to cover you. In my case the lady had 25,000. personal injury. And since my wife and i both ride i was on the bike with just liablity. Please please please all you new riders think about your injuries. A wize friend once told me its just a matter of time.

Mark Hoyt
20 plus years riding

Male Standard Member
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Harpers Ferry, WV


Shadow VLX

Posted - 02/15/2005 :  6:59 AM
Good point. Here in WV, however, Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist coverages are mandatory by law. Surprisingly, the Underinsured coverage costs way more.
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nomad dan
Advanced Member
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Denver, Colorado


06 Vulcan Nomad 1600

Posted - 02/15/2005 :  10:53 AM
I carry un and under insured coverage after getting hit by a car and spending two weeks in the hospital and needing a whole new career, (broken back was just one of the many broken bones). The driver of the car was 19, no assets and a $20,000 policy ($70,000 hospital bill)
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Houston, TX


Heritage Classic 04

Posted - 02/15/2005 :  5:11 PM

Thank you for your admonishment. I just renewed my insurance. The facts are that the medical payments and coverage from an motorcycle insurance company is a drop in the bucket if you were actually to incur some physical harm. That is when your group medical coverage should kick in and take the bulk of the coverage. Where you have to be careful is that some employers have clauses in their health policy coverage that precludes coverage if one were to use dangerous recreational vehicles.

The sad reality is that if you are hit by someone with poor coverage, you have to get an attorney that will seek compensatory and punitive damages so that the person who caused you harm does not walk away scott free. If the person doesn't have a large asset base you find someone related who does.



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New Member
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villas, nj

Posted - 02/20/2005 :  5:48 PM
Having just had an accident an had hospital time (7 days=$30,000) I can tell you what I have learned:
1. Motorcycle insurance does not cover your medical bill
2. Your own personal hospitalzation policy will cover you unless the policy specificly excludes motorcycle accidents. The Senate recently passed a bill to make this kind of exclusion illegal. Not yet a law.
3. Last resort is to get the person that caused the accident to pay. My Foremost policy would pay a princely $15,000 in the event the other person was uninsured or underinsured.
Gook Luck
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United Kingdom



Posted - 02/21/2005 :  4:36 PM
you could just move to the UK - we have the NHS over here

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Advanced Member
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St. Charles, MO


Springer Classic

Posted - 03/18/2005 :  7:49 AM
Originally posted by timbo

you could just move to the UK - we have the NHS over here


yeah, but then you'd have to put up with football being played with a round ball!
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Male Advanced Member
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Toronto, Ontario


2018 Tri-Gliide

Posted - 03/19/2005 :  12:49 PM
We have "NO FAULT" Insurance here in Ontario. When I had my accident two years ago. EVERYTHING was paid for, ambulance, emerg at hospital, temp cast for leg, pain meds, physio and bike was replaced with ALL accessories. I even got my boots and full face helmet replaced. I kept the Leather Jacket 'cause it wasn't skinned up much. The guy who pulled out in front of me was at fault so .......... my insurance co paid everything and then went after the guy's ins. company I suppose, but no bother to me.

I guess the $1200.00/yr I pay was worth it. And I don't get dinged for more $ on my premium as it wasn't my fault.

P.S. Sorry to hear about how devistating it was for some of you. Those HUGE bills must be "life altering".

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Starting Member
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Posted - 03/27/2005 :  7:46 AM

Sorry you are going through it. What happened? Perhaps we can all learn.

Great point for all to consider. I agree under/uninsured coverage is a good thing to have if it's optional, if you buy insurance betting you'll need it or if it's just to cheap to pass up (we know that's not going to happen, this game's rigged for many of us). Hope "bet" is the right word. As bike riders we are all gamblers right? Insurance companies are much like us.

I'll bet most experienced riders buy betting we don't need it, not to mention we pay premiums like we do for that coverage. Like you, I believe unexperienced riders should consider it.

In my 30 or 35 years of riding, at about year two, I got fired upon by a cage turning left. I was in the 2nd zone, reacted so quickly I went over the handlebars (not an over reaction, just not fully prepared, not a well fitted bike for me). Cage stopped before any contact took place. I was lucky, without a helmet it could have been far worse.

Today I bet like I don't need it, like you. I believe there are better ways to improve your chances of a great ride, smooth tomorrow other than buying insurance and way cheaper, enjoyable to boot.

I've got two sons that ride. Not alot of experience. I preach and practice counter steer, ride invisable, have a hole. If you can naturally - as in second hand nature - control the bike in any condition (low speed braking etc), know where to be, not to be, give yourself every advantage (stay out of blind spots, slow down before intersections, that list goes on for the rest of our riding "careers") and don't ride under the influence, you can drop your bike, fall and bang your noggin so always wear a helmet.

This is the only time I can be a dirty, cheatin, bet riggin (fill in as you see fit) scum bucket and not be doing anything wrong!

Perhaps your wise friend was right, but I'm not betting, I have seen otherwise.

Best of luck with your recovery.


Edited by - flstf03 on 03/27/2005 7:52 AM
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