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 What is happening in México?
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Mexico City


Peer Review:

Posted - 05/13/2005 :  9:40 PM                       Like
A few days ago we got a terrible acident in México City. Some actors that was recording a videoclip was riding in a freeway late at night. And a cager who got aslept when he was driving(at least is what he said), hit the group from behind, threw them in to the air. And the result: One person death, and several of then injured.

The whole accident was recorded in a videotape. I guess that is was seen all around the world in some tvnews.

The fact is that the driver was responsable for that, he hit them without any braking, and did nothing to avoid the colision. But then, the autorities change the situation, giving the fault to the riders, because, here in México there is an nosense law which forbit any motorcicle of any kind, use the freeways of the city. So, the "killer" is free, and the police start to chase all the motorcicle riders, checking documents and giving tickets for any posible reason they could argue. It is like a persecution! Like racism, I feel.

I have been seen this situation so long ago. Here we are considered weird persons, like foreigers, because most of the people thinks that have nosense to ride a bike. So, the laws are imprecise, al clearly again us.

But in some way, this have woke us. We will start to organizate, to fight for our rights. The next sundays the riders of the whole city will manifestate in the center of México City. It will be a great concentration, with thousands of bikes. And... i guess that some spanish tvnews will got a note of that.

Maybe you know already: Every thing that you are fighthing for in this country, you will win in the streets.

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Chippewa Falls, WI



Posted - 05/14/2005 :  4:34 PM
Wow, man... my sympathies to the ubjured.
Keep fighting the good fight, and keep us posted, ok?
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Pinellas, FL


94' Vulcan 750

Posted - 05/15/2005 :  5:26 AM
Here's a news page about it:

And the video:

From what I gather, both party's messed up. Obviously there is Never an excuse to hit someone in the rear. American law would say the cager was at fault. The cager had also been drinking and was speeding.

I do have to question the bikers though. They were driving somewhat slow on a busy highway at night without an escort shooting a video without authorization. Wearing sunglasses at night. No helmets. Their rear rider failed to see the approching car and alert the others.

I'm not saying the bikers were at fault or deserved this. It kills me to watch the video. But I can't help but to think this could have been avoided. There's always morons sharing the roads with us. We have to be able to pick them out and react. Pointing the finger at them after the fact won't make a rider any less dead.

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Mexico City



Posted - 05/17/2005 :  11:03 AM
Yes, the sunday (may 15), we got the great concentration of bikes we ever got in México, in the center of the city. This was an unusual experience for me, because I never rode with such a huge company. More than 5000 bikes took the streets.

But for the results we got nothing. The autorities just say "no", without any thinking. I supose that this is going to develop a social struggle. They act like we are just a gang of criminals, even when the act was entirely peaceful and harmless. So big is the misjudment.

Is there any other city where is forbiden to ride motorcicles in highways and freeways?

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Austrian/Mexico, Mexico City


YZF600R Thundercat

Posted - 05/19/2005 :  5:29 PM
Hi Dientes, how are you ?
Well let me fill in the holes a bit on what is going on since I happen to be one of the organizers for the "Ride for your Rights" Rally last Sunday.

As you guys know from previos post I very much advocate safe riding in Mexico and well am trying my best.
I won't go into the unfortunate accident what was already described in some detail but more what happened as a consequence. Motorcyclists have been banned from mayor intercity highways by reenforcing a 2 decade old law. That promted a lot of feelings in the motorcycling comunity and as a result a rally was planned.

This was a week ago................

Based on the unfortunate situation depicted in the video and the resulting restrictions by LEO's vs. Motorocyclists the motorcycle comunity in general is rallying towards better goverment legislation. Something that could not have occured if it were not for the accident.

As point of reference this picture was taken yesterday (last wendnesday) at a meeting I attended in the World Trade Center (Mexico) and present were 30+ repsentatives of Motorcycling groups, clubs and asociations. This goes from HOG to Pizza delivery to BMW riders Club.

Cant link so please click

They subject of the meeting is a rally beeing organized for this Sunday to represent Motorcyclists rights.


Now on Sunday the amazing thing happened and what a rally it turned out to be.

Never before in Mexico have motrocyclists turned out in such masses promted by this unfortunate accident and the restrictions imposed by LEO's afterwards.

On a low estimate on Sunday more than 5000 motorcyclists showed up for a "Ride for our Rights" Organizers claim 10,000. But the real number is somewhere in between

I have a 90 mg video of mortoryclists riding by and riding by, for more than half an hour at an average speed of 30kmh 5 abreast or more. But I guess there is not much point of hosting it.

It's just amazing what a comun cause can do, in tightly knit motorcycling comunity.....

Now for the consequences, today a meeting is beeing held by three representaives, basicly local LAMA chapter and what is cald "Federacion Mexicana de Motocilismo" a goverment sancioned sport represntative and the Secretary of Police for Mexico City.
5 specific issues are being delt with and we do expect apropiate action.

Also this Monday in the camber of deputies for Mexico city a meeting is beeing held to change the ordenence laws abiding two wheel traffic in Mexico.

So I believe a lot is beeing done as a result but if demands are not met we are more than willing to host a second rally.

Just one picture to get the idea of the magnitude...

Cant link so please click

Edited by - GeorgeR on 05/19/2005 5:34 PM
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The Coastal Bend Area, TX


FLTR Road Glide '02

Posted - 05/21/2005 :  11:21 AM
Not in Mexico, but came across this article today:



Naples has a new plan for bringing down its petty-theft crimes: Ban the thieves' getaway vehicles. The Mediterranean city has banned scooters in its picturesque but often dangerous parts of town where scooter-riding bandits snatch a purse or wallet and then zoom away through the city's narrow corridors.

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