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 Some people are actively trying to get you
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James R. Davis
Male Administrator
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Houston, TX


GoldWing 1500
Peer Review:

Posted - 05/20/2005 :  11:48 AM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend                        Like
So many of the concerns about the public relative to motorcycles revolves around their being apathetic or passive and unobservant. Please be aware that there are some out there that are far more active antagonists.

On the Dragon (Deal's Gap in Tennessee) on May 8th somebody painted FIVE different curves with oil in an attempt to cause motorcyclists to lose control and run off the road. Tennessee LEO's asigned three different motorcycle officers to tour that road in search of other such attemted mischief (I would call them HOMICIDE ATTEMPTS) and they caused sanding of the five areas to try to make them safer.

A couple of weeks ago Cash and I went to a rally near San Antonio that had about 80 bikes come from all over the country and a couple from Canada. There were three known accidents by participants on their way home. One of them involved a GoldWing (2-up) that was totaled as it skidded off a back road near New Braunfels because of a quart of never used motor oil that had been poured on the ground at the end of a bridge in the hill country there.

Be careful out there people.

New Member
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Posted - 05/20/2005 :  12:40 PM
These ATTACKS have happened sporadically for years around the country. Unfortunately, short of Police State monitoring practices I don't see any effective prevention. Our roads, like much of our infrastructure are largely unmonitored and unoccupied. It only takes someone moments to stop, pour out a couple of quarts of oil, and drive off. We'll never know who it was unless they brag to their buddies.

All you can do is watch out for yourself and your fellow motorcyclists. We can't even narrow it down to just places like Deal's Gap. These loonies can do this anywhere, even straight and narrow roads. They don't have to make sense, they're Murderers (or trying anyway). One thing we can do is report any incident that you think is anti-motorcycle to the local authorities. If it is a one-off (prank, actual accidental spill, etc.) there is nothing they can do. But, if there are multiple incidents then maybe they will increase patrols (as they apparently are doing at Deal's Gap) and put some detectives to work on that whole "brag to their buddies" angle. You might think it's a one time thing but for all you know when you call the cops you might be the 5th motorcyclist who's called them today. It's worth the time.

Let's Be Careful Out There!

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Male Advanced Member
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SE, Indiana



Posted - 05/20/2005 :  3:18 PM
Originally posted by Futuristic

We'll never know who it was unless they brag to their buddies.

Fortunately, many of the people dumb enough to do theese kinds of things are often dumb enough to brag about it. If theese guys are as dumb as I think they are...

I never heard of such a thing happening before. Thanks for pointing it out.
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Junior Member
76 Posts

Austrian/Mexico, Mexico City


YZF600R Thundercat

Posted - 05/20/2005 :  5:10 PM

Well we have a similar problem in Mexico city, sometimes late at night someone would spill a couple of gallons of Diesel intentionally on a high speed intercity beltway just right in a curve.

It's aimed at making cars crash, we've even had small pile ups as a result. The culprits? It's suspected that free agent tow trucks see it as a way of generating business. They tend to magicly appear only minuts after a crash to offer their towing services.

Now though it's not aimed at motocyclists it's even more dangerous for us, so we try to stay away at those times from known spots.
Also diesel does not leave a trace of the liquid spilled as oil would do, in less then half an hour it's mostly gone.


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