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 Sharing of Lessons Learned
 oil and water don't mix
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Peer Review:

Posted - 11/30/2004 :  12:18 PM                       Like
especially under your rear tire.

a valuable lesson i learned one evening, is that if an intersection is slick in dry weather, one should AVOID IT COMPLETELY in wet weather.

i went into this intersection knowing that it was slick due to not being properly crowned. and that i had to cross trolley tracks at considerably less than a 90 degree angle to make the necessary left turn.
having gotten caught at work in the rain i proceeded to the intersection. stopped waiting for a break in traffic to make my left turn, which would take me over the trolley tracks.
i carefully let out the clutch and slowly rolled on the throttle. at the speed of possibly one miles per hour, the rear tire slid out from around me and the bike and i fell over facing the way from which we had come.
to emphasize how slick it got, i couldn't stand up at first, much less pick up my bike. the person in the car behind me jumped out and slid over to help me pick up the bike.

sometimes it doesn't matter how much care you take...

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Austin, TX

Posted - 02/19/2005 :  8:15 PM
I did a lot of catch up by goin' back in time to see that I don't duplicate someone else's post. And this one is a jewel!

Even when dry, the center of the lane at an intersection is coated with all types of cage fluids (motor oil, tranny fluid, glycol antifreeze, and air conditioner condensation). I usually take a trail off the road's crown when coming into an intersection, but didn't one day, and I saw the puddle of Castrol disappear beneath my braking front tire. Traction broke, and I had to wheelbarrow my 800 lb. Valk Interstate ten feet into the intersection before it stopped.

Lesson learned? Stay off the lane crown when coming to an intersection regardless of wet or dry condition.

In the wind...
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James R. Davis
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GoldWing 1500

Posted - 02/19/2005 :  8:16 PM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
I just remembered a very similar experience.

This was the day after a rain and the roads were actually pretty dry. The signal changed to red as I was approaching an intersection and when I applied my brakes BOTH tires instantly lost traction - I began to slide. Clearly brakes were, at that point, more dangerous than riding through the intersection without (there was no traffic, but there could have been!)

I released both brakes and both wheels began to spin and the slide was over. I road all the way through the intersection before I touched my brakes again. Phew!

As my riding partner and I always say when a ride is over ... 'Made it again!'
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