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 Downhill Braking
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Posted - 02/06/2005 :  2:14 PM                       Like
Never ride the brake lever or pedal in a downhill situation, especially 2 up or with a trailer. The wear factor on the pads are multiplied huge and toast too soon (maybe before you realize) causing the rotor to warp from heat /alignment/grinding/something stopping your show. On a week long trip this could happen before you get home.

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Posted - 02/14/2005 :  4:53 AM
Hey MotleySTL,

Are you suggesting to rather use your engine to keep your speed in check while going downhill?


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Posted - 02/15/2005 :  11:41 PM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
Yes, I am surprised at the amount of engine brake you can get from the engine. The weight of a bike is very light compared to a car so the engine's compression will surely help scrub speed when going downhill with the throttle closed. With a car it is likely that the speed will still increase because of its weight. I find out after a ride that I hardly used the brakes if not when coming to a dead stop at the lights or junction etc. Otherwise, closing the throttle and downshifting is enough to reduce speed in most other situations.

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Indiana Randy
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2000 Magna V4 750

Posted - 02/28/2005 :  1:40 PM
You're right about the ability of a bike's engine to scrub speed by letting off the throttle. BUT! Remember to watch your mirrors. Without a brake light on, the cage behind you may not know you're slowing down. It's good to make a practice of lightly tapping the rear brake to trigger the light and signal the cage driver you're slowing down...even if you aren't using the back brake.
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