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Posted - 12/31/2009 :  8:21 AM
One thing to watch out for is cutting off the connector on a plug in GPS power wire to create a hard wired system. Often, there is a 5V converter in the plug and cutting it off means putting 12-14V into a device designed to use 5V. That is not good. I put a cigarette socket and a Ram mount on the dash for my digital camera. A 5V converter plug feeds it. A USB plug for a camcorder is planned for the future. A great source for motorcycle electrical items is http://www.easternbeaver.com/
Jim pretty much runs a one man shop for quality stuff specifically designed for motorcycles.

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Posted - 12/31/2009 :  9:13 AM
It occurs to me I was being stupid. A standard twin-lead, lamp cord if you will is often terminated in a coaxial connector. My heated gear is terminated in exactly this way, as is quite a number of motorcycle electronics, including the Battery Tender. And yes, in that context, it is merely two wires that can easily be cut and terminated.

I guess thats what happens when geeks interpet things a bit too literally. Sorry for the misdirection earlier.
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F 800 GT

Posted - 01/04/2010 :  7:25 AM
More than you ever wanted to know about how to make sure your wiring connections are up to speed from the folks at NASA.

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