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 Can the Effectiveness of Training Be Measured?
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Posted - 04/22/2012 :  6:09 PM
Originally posted by rayg50

The ridecraft structure is somewhat open ended as it's not constrained to a weekend course...
Conjures up the image of a mentoring program, in my mind.

One of the common critiques of many training courses is their limited duration. This (ridecraft) sounds as if it attempts to provide an answer to that (perceived) flaw. I personally don't believe that in a couple of days a great impact can be had on a predisposed mindset when you have a dozen or so students, a ton of material, and only a couple of coaches.

However, I do believe that over time it would be possible to have an impact.

Cheers Robsalvv, can you flesh out how it is structured?

Hi Ray, yes, I think that's a fair description, with one caveat, it is a formalised mentoring program. Each ride has goals or things to work on. There's homework between sessions. The coach is looking for clear evidence of behaviours.

The first session has two parts, evaluating the rider's hazard perception and identification strategies and then a ride to look for evidence of the rider's roadcraft strategies. What comes out of the debrief guides the path that the subsequent sessions will take / focus on. These sessions are essentially a longer ride with the routes chosen to focus on the things the rider needs to work on. The rides are broken into legs so that there are regular stops for discussion/reflection/analysis. When the rider demonstrates consistent performance over a couple of sessions, a final evaluation ride is arranged over a very specific route which is sure to bring out all elements of a rider's roadcraft. So you can see, it's not about bike handling skills per se', but about mental riding skills. At the bronze level, this is all city / urban based. Silver and Gold levels take it out into the open road.

How many sessions the whole process takes is up to the rider. They are guiding their own path and analysing their own attitudes / strategies / deciding whether the material works for them... my role is to help guide that process and if I do my job well, I should do myself out of a job.

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Posted - 04/22/2012 :  6:28 PM
Thanks for the additional information. It sounds promising.
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Posted - 02/15/2016 :  3:19 AM
Originally posted by DataDan That's exactly what the California Program Evaluation found. When comparing trained vs. untrained riders in a group that included only people with <= 500 miles of riding prior to the experiment, the trained riders did a LOT better in the first 6 months. Just the basics of learning to brake and steer can prevent many raw noob crashes.

Dead link. I think this is it?


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