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 HID conversion mentioned ....
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SAS Mayhem
Male Junior Member
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Rocky Mount, NC


09 Concours

Posted - 09/10/2010 :  11:19 PM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend                        Like
from my last post about winter riding I've recived a couple of pm's about what it entails to do this.
Since I drive to work at night and go thru deer territory here in NC, I think that this would be a wise move.
I got them from here http://www.vvme.com/12v-5055w-90043...ath=44_46_36 the 4300K
Installation was pretty straight forward. It took me 2 hours from start to finish. This was my first time removing the gas tank or doing anything on my bike. So alot of the time was taking up just getting familiar with everything and sipping coffee here in NC. It pays off to mock up eveything and to carefully plan your routing of your wiring and use zip ties to keep it all at bay. I mounted the ballast to the stud that holds the left fairing reflector on, using the supplied mounting clip. I will stay dry there, if not ill move it. It also alowed me to use a chassi mount for a ground, the kit ground wire it pretty short. There was no cutting or splicing this was a plug and play set up.
If I had to do it again this is easily a 45 min to 1 hour upgrade. And the differance is 200% improvements. I won't be going back to H4 lights, HID all the way.
This should be everyone next upgrade for safety at least.I work at night for 9-6 at night, and this is a vast improvement. I'm able to pick up debri on the road farther than I did with the H4, I might not know what is but I can see something, giving me a earlier warning. on a stretch of black top that has NO lights and the speed limit is 70. The shadows are pushed back, to the tree line. I have seen a fawn, eating shrub about 50 ft back off the road, with alot more detail and I know for sure that the H4's would not have shown her. In me case I did not need to adjust my headlights and I'm not getting flashed by cagers.

And FWIW, I DO KNOW that you can get better performace out of these light IF you had the "right" reflector and lense.... but in my case on my bike it is alot more safer for me to drive with this conversion kit over a H-4. My co worker put one on his CBR with the same positive results.
My bike is a 'O6 Kaw Concours


Male Moderator
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Evanston, IL



Posted - 09/11/2010 :  12:14 AM
I agree completely. Besides being better lights, they have a couple of advantages for winter riding. The 35W HIDs plus ballast take an actual 40-44W each instead of the 55W halogens. That leaves more watts for heat. Also, cycling heated clothing controllers would also cycle the halogens' brightness. HIDs deliver full brightness as long as they receive anything from 9-16V. I also have VVME HIDs on my bike. There is an installation article at http://www.rvbprecision.com/motorcy...orcycle.html
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Male Senior Member
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Muscle Shoals, Alabama



Posted - 09/11/2010 :  8:58 AM
HIDs are the only way to go if you ride at night. I had McCulloch 6000k high and low on my 06 Busa. The difference was absolutely night and day. Another safety benefit that I do not believe you mentioned is people see you faster during the day. This is one of my planned upgrades this winter.
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