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 Long luggage - carrying musical instruments
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Starting Member
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Basel, Basel-Stadt



Posted - 09/20/2010 :  11:35 AM                       Like
Hi, all. New member & new rider here; amazing information you've all provided.

I'm just starting riding, and plan (eventually) to use my motorcycle (an '82 Yamaha XJ750 Seca) to carry me to gigs, carrying my trombone with me.

If it was a normal modern trombone, that'd be fine - a decent backpack gig-bag would suffice. Unfortunately, it's a replica of a large and strangely-proportioned Baroque-era bass. The custom-fit case, a hardshell of my own construction, is as small as possible - and measures in at 41" long, 6"x6" at one end, tapering to 6x3". (metric: 120cm x 15cm x 8cm)

My bike has a substantial luggage rack. I'm wondering if there would be a secure, safe way of attaching the case to the rack in place of one of the hardshell saddlebags. I was thinking there should be a way of fixing it on the side, pointing back at about a 45-degree angle; this should keep it out of the way, minimize wind intrusion, and so on.

Am I missing something, or being in some way foolish? Or is my thinking more or less on the right track?

Thanks to all!

Night Train
Male Advanced Member
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Sydney, Nova Scotia


2006 VN900

Posted - 09/21/2010 :  5:53 AM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend  

It would be of some help if you could post a picture of your bike the way it is presently equipped then we could visualize more easily. I am sure there is a way to accommodate your needs but it would be more helpful to receive specific suggestions based on your bike rather than shots in the dark.

I looked up your bike on the net and found stock pictures but didn't find one with the saddle bag rack that you described. From what you have indicated thus far, and without the visual assistance of a picture, I would tend to suggest a parcel carrier to connect to the saddle bag rack via quick connect. You could strap the trombone to the parcel carrier and still keep your bags. The rack could be quickly and easily removed when not transporting the trombone.

In any event, I am sure you will receive some interesting and ingenious advice from our members.
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Indiana Randy
2118 Posts

Fort Wayne, Indiana


2000 Magna V4 750

Posted - 09/21/2010 :  7:45 AM
Seems to me you ought to be able to fabricate a carrier. Once done, I wonder if it will double as a golf bag carrier?
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Starting Member
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Tampa, Florida


Road King

Posted - 09/21/2010 :  8:58 AM
As a biker and musician of almost 30 years who has carried guitars and other gear on bikes I will say that sometimes it is better to take the cage...

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