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Posted - 11/10/2010 :  7:29 AM                       Like
What is the Board Karma Score?
As this board is a community made up of its members, each Peer Review vote cast is also accumulated for the entire board and is called its Board Karma score. (Your Karma score is found in your profile.)
The Board Karma score will range between -50 and +50. This is the percentage of positive votes cast less 50 so that, for example, if exactly half the votes cast were negative then the Karma Score would be 0 - an indication of neutrality.

3503 Peer Review votes have been cast, 3136 of them being positive. Thus, the Board Karma score is currently = 39

Since I have been a member - end of May 2008 this score has not changed ever that I can recall. It has been a solid 39.

I do not see a Karma score in my profile.

Does this function actually work?

What happens to the peer review votes a person receives once they are made an ex-member? Do they join the galactic bit bucket with their membership or do they remain in calculating Board Karma? e.g. - We just had a member moved to ex status. After three posts he accumulated 4 negative votes. Three votes were cast because of the very bad advice he gave. One vote was cast because he was being "disagreeable" in an unjustified way. Are those votes still used to calculate Board Karma?
Administrator This Administrator provided this Answer to the Question

James R. Davis
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Posted - 11/10/2010 :  8:36 AM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
The Board Karma score is fully functional. I added some detail to its presentation today as a result of your post. Hope that helps.

Whether a member has been banned or not, so long as his messages remain in the database, whatever peer review votes were cast for or against those messages remains a part of the Board Karma score. In other words, if a visitor can read the messages, then that visitor will be influenced by the quality of same - so I continue to maintain a score of them to give *me* a feel for how well the board is doing.
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