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 11-08-Heart of Education Responses
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Posted - 02/02/2011 :  11:23 AM                       Like
(Posted 11/08/05)

From Anonymous on 11/07/05

You got it Wendy! That's who we are. Idaho is next. Prepare for a big, unified, family that takes tremendous pride in what we do. Illinois is good, but we have them beat!

From Cindy Hodges on 11/07/05

I loved reading this post, Wendy. Your awe at the sense of community, family, dedication in the folks who make up what is the rider training program in Illinois is certainly understandable. It is the same sort of feeling I have in regards to my home SMRO, CBA/ABATE of NC, and also of CMT/ABATE of TN, ABATE of SC... it is the same swell of love for my brothers and sisters I get at every NCOM convention, MRF convention, at this year's Southern Cross Conference. Quite simply, the bikers of our nation, when we band together to do things that are important to us, we BECOME family. No one will protect us like WE will. There may be differences in opinion, strategy, heck even in attire! But there are no differences in what brings us together.

Two wheels, the road, a clear crisp fall day like today where the curves are just right, the white cotton fields lie bursting with snowy richness against the gold of soybeans and a backdrop of red and yellow firebursts of color in the fall foliage. We smell the world, taste it, and fall in love with it all over again, each and every time that bike hits the asphalt.

Thanks again for that post. Rider education and those who serve in it has become acutely interesting to me these past couple years. My best regards too to the folks in the Illinois program, and prayers up for MJ.


Cindy Hodges

From Bullitt on 11/08/05


Thank you for a great post from the heart. We all take pride in what we do and take human life seriously. That is why we teach. I never want to read the name of one of my students in the paper because they died in a motorcycle accident.

You were enlightened. You never thought that the rider simulators were a good idea but now that you have seen the heart of the instructor and the passion that drives the delivery outside of the written curriculum, you know that the simulator is the most idiotic thing to come out of the motorcycling community. MSF's idea of taking the classroom from a computer is insane also. Where do life experiences come from? When was the last time that the computer had to execute a swerve to save it's life?

Thanks Wendy for your dedication. Missed hearing your presentation at Meeting of the Minds also.

Steve "Bullitt" McQueen
MRF Director of Products
MC Safety Instructor ABATE of Indiana

From Anonymous on 11/08/05

I was so glad to read this post. I have been reading your blog and your MCN pieces and I was beginning to question my value in teaching in such a flawed system. Am I wasting my time, am I not doing a disservice to the community by working with a program that doesn't have the best interest of the students at heart?

After reading this I realize that what I do IS important. I teach because I love the people I work with and I love riding and want to do all I can to make it more enjoyable and safer for all involved. I get frustrated with our state system, but I keep coming back year after year, and I probably will be back next year, although I was really ready to hang up my range pouch and cards after seeing so much of the negative writing.

Thank you for giving me a reason to continue. I realize now that each of us makes a difference out here, in spite of the state programs and the MSF.

From Jim Balaja on 11/08/05


It was a pleasure meeting you Saturday evening. Thank you for all your kind words and for signing the card for MJ. She was both surprised and incredibly overwhelmed when she opened the card and saw all of the signatures and read what was written. She had to put it down several times in order to gather herself. You truly are a special Lady and it was an honor to have you at our "Family Banquet". Welcome to the REAL world of motorcycle training.

Love Always,
Jim Balaja
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