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 03-10-What's happening on June 30, 2006?
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Posted - 02/03/2011 :  7:13 AM                       Like
(posted 03/10/06)

The last line in the last entry on the blog was intentional: what do they know that we don't know?

I've raised it before about HDRE:

I, at least, was curious why Wayne Curtin was telling dealers that "all their problems are going to go away soon."

And why the number of dealer reps for HDRE had suddenly expanded from 4 to 8 - doubling the number.

And why states that do not allow RE to operate had been assigned as territories for RE dealer reps.

And where were 1,000 instructors going to come from.

And, in the last entry I've raised it again about M$F.

I don't know what they know, but I have a pretty good idea about when we'll find out: around 6/30/06. 3 months and three weeks from today.

Why that date? If you haven't looked at the RERP contract that was posted on 1/20/06:
http://msf usa.org/index_new.cfm?pagename=RiderCoach%20Info&content=4BBF006F A0CC 53D5 648E07163971B0F1&referer=MSTS

Even though the new RERP was only posted on 1/20 of this year, it's only good until June 30, 2005.

Repeat: the new RERP agreement is good for less than six months.

At that time, according to the agreement: it "expires on 6/30/06 unless renewed upon mutual written consent of the parties, specifying the renewal terms."

The date is underlined in text.

The expiration date is smack dab in the middle of the training season for most of the state programs.

I urge all state administrators and all those who hold a RERP number to check with your Attorney to see if, even if you signed an earlier RERP that does not include this language and have not recently signed a RERP, to find out if, in fact, you are bound by the provisions of the current contract.

And please read this current contract closely: the provisions are such that unless your motorcycles are in "excellent operating condition"

As in the last RERP, the sponsor pays for materials but does not own them.

It also seems as if, to continue, you may have to purchase insurance through M$F.

No QAV is required or provided even if a RERP provider is not under a state program.

The rights assigned are "revocable, non exclusive, non transferable" and "Sponsor understands that M$F grants similar rights to others in connection with the use of M$F PROPERTY."

M$F reserves the right by its sole discretion to determine what is a "substantial deviation" from the course, and can cancel an agreement for "the existence of an unsafe condition at the Site" [singular] by its own discretion of unsafe condition.

M$F can cancel the RERP "for any or no reason."

And, finally, M$F has abdicated entire responsibility (including QAV) for any Sponsor.

Please take a look at it yourself and determine through legal counsel how this RERP could affect your motorcycle training program.

In any event, we seem to be expecting some sort of announcement around the end of June.

It very well could be that M$F is going to say "Everybody out of the pool" in the heat of summer.
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