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Posted - 02/03/2011 :  7:22 AM                       Like
(Posted 03/11/06)

I received some documents from someone and thought you all might be interested in how H-D sold the RE program to state administrators in 2000 and contrast that with what the experience of RE in many states is today.

I will present it without comment, because the excerpted portions floor me so much I am speechless.

From a letter on H-D Motor Company letterhead, dated March 9, 2000 signed by Wayne Curtin, Manager of Motorcycle Safety Program Relations, Rider's Edge and Michael Weiss, Director of Business Development:

To: "Dear Fellow SMSA Members/State Administrators:"

"We have designed our Rider's Edge initiative to work within the existing rider education framework, and it is our intention to work directly with each state program to determine how Rider's Edge courses can be conducted in a mutually beneficial way."

"The Rider's Edge New Rider Course is targeted at young people (under age 35) and women of all ages who do not currently intend to ride a motorcycle."

"By focusing on people who would not otherwise have taken up motorcycling, Harley-Davidson expects that the Rider's Edge New Rider Course will have little effect on existing motorcycle safety programs, and it is possible that the marketing efforts of Harley-Davidson and its dealers will create additional demand for the existing programs."

"Potential students who contact our dealers but choose not to sign up for the Rider"s Edge New Rider Course will be encouraged to take the course offered by the local motorcycle safety program."

"Our focus in on quality, not speed [of expansion], and we intend to select only those dealers who are committed to offering a quality new rider training experience."

"The choice of specific dealers is dependent in large part on state regulatory approval."

"We will not offer the Rider's Edge New Rider course in a state without the consent of the state motorcycle safety program."

"All instructors who teach the Rider's Edge New Rider Course must be MSF certified and must comply with any other applicable state requirements for MRC: RSS Instructors."

"Dealers who offer the Rider's Edge New Rider Course are expected to use a mix of existing MSF instructors and newly trained Instructors."

"Harley-Davidson understands that MSF instructors are in short supply in many states. Dealers who use existing Instructors will be required to recruit new MSF Instructors to avoid creating a shortage or making an existing shortage worse."

"In circumstances when regular state program IP's do not have availability, Harley-Davidson will sponsor or conduct additional IP's to train these new Instructors."

"To stay current, all Instructors who teach the Rider's Edge New Rider Course will also be expected to teach classes for the state motorcycle safety program."

"Dealers will determine the fee for the Rider's Edge New Rider Course."

"Dealers will also determine Instructor compensation, which is expected to be comparable to the hourly rates paid by local motorcycle safety programs."

"Harley-Davidson and its dealers will not require reimbursement from state funds for any Rider's Edge New Rider Course expenses."

"Consequently, no existing sites should see their funding reduced as a result of the Rider's Edge initiative."

"Harley-Davidson will continue to be a strong supporter of the existing motorcycle safety programs."

"We will also increase the number of MSF certified Instructors, the number of available ranges, and the visibility of motorcycle safety programs."

"These additional resources will enable all of us to continue to grow the sport of motorcycling well into the future."

"Please feel free to share this letter with the Chief Instructors and others in your program. Lack of information in the field can lead to speculation and anxiety, and we are hoping that by giving you more details about our plans we can work together to minimize unwarranted concerns."

"We also want you to know that we asked MSF to review this letter in advance and MSF is comfortable with the information we are providing."

"We will continue to work with all stakeholders in our rider education efforts to ensure that you receive accurate and consistent information from all sources."

"Sincerely, Wayne Curtin, Manager of Motorcycle Safety Program Relations, Rider's Edge; Michael Weiss, Director of Business Development."

So what do you all think? What has been your experience with HDRE in your state? Has H-D lived up to its promises? Let's hear from you.
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