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 06-05-No more loaner bikes
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Posted - 02/03/2011 :  2:59 PM                       Like
The latest issue of MCN, I've heard, is finally hitting people's
mailboxes. Obviously, I couldn't talk about what was in it before it
did. Now I can - though you'll still have to read the article. Dave said it will go up on the MCN site in a couple weeks, though.

Since the article went to press, I have confirmed through two sources
that Tim Buche told the last batch of state administrators who came for their latest programming wining and dining:

The Dealer Loan program is going to end. According to Tim, the dealers
can't get the training bikes to sustain the program (well, there's
always Buell Blasts, boyz and gurls. Maybe those dealers will sell you
Blasts. Oh, right, dealers don't want to carry Buells maybe this will
make them).

But training bikes, period, are going to be hard to get period.
Because, Tim o told them, the demand for sales just aren't there. It's
not that the manufacturers aren't going to make them. Tim didn't say
that. So they are available. They just won't sell them to YOU.

Which is so very, very interesting since H-D still carries the Blast
that had sales of less than 1,500 it's somehow worthwhile for *them* to continue to make this training lethal bike. Hmmm, could it have anything to do with Rider's Edge?

But it's *not* worthwhile for Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki to make the
bikes that make training possible available? That strike anyone else as strange?

But, remember, folks, as of now, you can order those Buell Blasts and
keep your state programs running. How very, very nice of H-D. Unless, of course, suddenly they will only be making enough to supply *their*
training program.

It's also confirmed that M$F is planning to go into moving the BRC
classroom on-line. Nothing is final yet, but that's what they are
intending. They say they were asked to do it. Didn't say by whom and
none of the administrators, apparently, asked who asked them to do so.
Put in a couple simulators in the dealership, have just enough room for a modified range, and presto, whammo, dealers all over the country can say, "I'm a site! I'm a site!"

The new RERP agreement with the infamous Section III that strips all
your power away came to my attention after I did the article. But it's
your death sentence merely waiting a time to be commuted.

And, you see, CA AB1189 fits in, too. According to sources, H-D has
made a separate peace with the CHP commissioner. The bill got to the
senate and is waiting there able to destroy the CHP's power over the
program. But, just as H-D did with the emissions, they are trying to
make a separate deal: They'll be a "premium provider" *under* the master contractor - currently M$F - so they can have the waiver and charge more.

This would then allow M$F to shiv the independent site owners who will
either give up (hiya, Red) or buys a franchise from M$F and all suddenly becomes copacetic? It's not yet a done deal but we'll see, won't we?

And finally, for all you ostriches out there: M$F now has a direct
relationship apart from you for every single instructor in your
programs. And there's a lot of little ostriches who would be so very
flattered to work directly for the M$F instead of a shabby state
program...a state program that's not going to be fighting to get
training bikes. Who has to exist purely by the grace of the M$F.

What's coming down the pike: No bikes. You don't own the materials you
bought. You have no credibility apart from the M$F. Your instructors
aren't "yours."

I have seen the future and it says, "Hellooooo, franchise. Bye bye,
state programs."

Writing. Wall. Read it. Weep.

Stop it now before it's too late.

Or just bury your head farther in your range.

Your choice.
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