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Posted - 02/05/2011 :  10:43 AM                       Like
Is the 135 minute mark at which the student is introduced to shifting to 2nd gear, 135 minutes of "rolling seat time" or the time elapsed from the beginning of range instruction? If the latter, what is the total amount of "rolling seat time" before the student performs his first gearshift? By putting a stopwatch on the students and measuring only "rolling seat time" I suspect that the total "rolling experience" of the student would be far less than 135 minutes (unless they were a rider prior to taking a course)

Decades ago, formal and informal studies of the time required for mastery of basic riding skills were conducted at the Safety Center, Southern Illinois University, and it was found that considerable differences were noted in the time for students without any previous riding experience to master basic skills. The original, non MSF, range program at SIU was developed taking these findings into consideration and differed considerably from the MSF range program.

When the time allotted to learning is based on an "average", some students in a high risk activity such as motorcycling, must be dropped out, or the pace of instruction must be slowed to accommodate their abilities. An additional preferred choice, is separating slow learners to a 2nd group, if instructors are available,not so much as to "catch them up" but to continue instruction at an appropriate pace. The last and worst alternative is to simply follow the schedule and ignore or tolerate the risk of doing so.

There are many ways to teach a person to ride a motorcycle. A structured learning experience such as provided by the MSF is one means, but not the only means.
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