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 Traction Demand
 Traction Demand
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Posted - 05/09/2012 :  2:03 PM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend                        Like
Download URL: TractionDemand.xls

Example: If you are braking at 0.5g's and are also in a curve experiencing 0.5g's of lateral forces (your bike has a lean angle of 30 degrees), then your total traction demand is 0.71g's (not 1.0g's).

So long as your total available traction is greater than 0.71, your tires will not skid or slide.

The total available traction is merely the Static Coefficient of Friction between your tires and the roadway. (In this example, 1.2.)

In the real world, most motorcycle tires provide greater traction that resists slides to the side than to resist skids. Thus, instead of a circle representing your total available traction, you might want to consider an oblong shape such as this:

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