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James R. Davis
Male Administrator
17381 Posts

Houston, TX


GoldWing 1500

Posted - 08/10/2005 :  11:16 AM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend    DetailDetail                        Like
Poll Question:
How many different motorcycles do you currently own or have the discretion to use whenever you wish to?

None   [4%] 5 votes 
One   [61%] 81 votes 
Two   [24%] 32 votes 
Three   [7%] 9 votes 
Four   [0%] 0 votes 
Five   [3%] 4 votes 
More than five   [1%] 1 votes 
= Guests (52 votes)

Poll Status: Closed  »»   Total Votes: 132 counted  »»   Last Vote: 11/08/2005 9:50 PM 

Male Advanced Member
1990 Posts

Southern, PA


1982 XJ 650 R Seca

Posted - 08/10/2005 :  12:11 PM
Looks like I am in the majority on this one. I only own one bike at present. In the past I did own two, as sport bike and a cruiser, but it started getting too expensive to maintain both of them. I would love to own another Harley someday, or maybe a 'Wing, I think the 'Wings are really nice.
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Junior Member
47 Posts

Markham, Ontario


250 Ninja

Posted - 08/15/2005 :  12:28 PM
Originally posted by James R. Davis

How many different motorcycles do you currently own or have the discretion to use whenever you wish to?

Interesting poll, I own 1 bike myself and can ride it as I wish. However Hubby who owns his R1, has the discretion to ride my Ninja as needed. So while I can only ride 1 bike, he can ride 2!

Of course he's a very experienced rider and I'm just a newbie. I couldn't even get one foot comfortably flat on the ground on the R1. So that reasoning alone is good enough to keep me off the big bike.

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Male Senior Member
287 Posts

Benton, Kentucky



Posted - 08/18/2005 :  12:06 PM
It is interesting than there are more people polled owning or using more than five motorcycles than there are people with the use of four or five. Three must the the cutoff point for most folks due to space factor or income. If you have the bucks to own more than five, then you will probably have a dedicated building to house them in.
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Sunny Girl
Starting Member
9 Posts

Palestine, Texas



Posted - 09/04/2005 :  9:50 AM
My husband and I recently purchased a beautiful black Yahama 650---what a rush it is to ride on the back with him! We're newbies, so still getting the hang of it! Looking forward to reading all of ya'll's comments from time on time on different subjects!
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Male Advanced Member
510 Posts



Dragstar & Vmax

Posted - 09/08/2005 :  12:57 PM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
Hello Sunnt Girl and welcome,

Glad you've taken up this sport, however there is a lot to learn out there in order to be safe. Read along as many topics as you can over here. And by the way, I hope your Husband who is the rider, is also reading.

Enjoy yourselves and always ride safe and wear the proper safety gear.

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New Member
22 Posts

Folsom, Ca



Posted - 10/09/2005 :  1:48 PM
This is an interesting poll& topic. Earlier this year I owned at one time 2 bikes & 2 scooters. One was my 03 Electra Glide (FLHT), 00 Buell Cyclone, 03 Honda Ruckus (50cc), and a 05 Honda Big Ruckus (250cc). My wife was very supportive of me keeping them all. But I just couldn't justify keeping them all. So I sold the Buell, and the little Ruckus. My only regret was not taking a picture of them all in my gargage at the same time.

Here is my dream...I play the lottery most of the time. If I win someday...I will be buying seven new bikes..mostly Harleys. I will get liscense plates for them all by the days of the week (Mon, Tues,etc). Boy that would be cool....
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