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 Tip 254: A Case Against Counterbalancing ... And A Few Other MSF Teachings
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Nampa, ID



Posted - 10/06/2012 :  7:03 PM
Was part of an "alpha test" of some new curriculum last week. Was doing a lot of stuff in the 20mph range and dragging pegs everywhere (I was riding the Phantom). Started leaning in and suddenly--not dragging.

This "ride your cruiser like a sport bike" thing is kinda messing with my head....
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Arlington, Va


Sprint ST

Posted - 10/06/2012 :  10:26 PM
Originally posted by CaptCrash

this ride your cruiser like a sport bike" thing is kinda messing with my head....

That's where the biggest benefit is
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Northern, NJ


R6 & FZ1

Posted - 06/08/2015 :  8:24 PM
Originally posted by James R. Davis

James, I use this technique around my area when I'm turning onto a road with a steep upward slope. There are quite a few turns in Georgetown for example where I'll scrape a peg on my cruiser just going 15mph. I've run into similar situations near Seneca Rocks in WV, Raleigh in NC, and San Francisco to name a few. The additional ground clearance, which MSF toutes as being the purpose for that forward and in leaves me scrape free while letting me achieve a reasonable speed for the turn.

Point taken - you are right, of course.

In addition to ground clearance, leaning "forward and in" bends the inside elbow and affords more leverage on the handlebars. How many times have you seen folks ride through turns with their arms/elbows locked, kind of like Frankenstein.
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