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  Windshield needs altering
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Female New Member
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Wilmington, DE


Heritage Softail

Posted - 04/20/2013 :  6:02 PM                       Like
I really thought about the altering of windshield but while riding today( very blustery) iI found I was slouching down to get outta the wind. I think I will wait a bit before switching it out. Its really not that bad
Thanks everyone for responses.
Next question???
Reverse gear on Heritage Classic? Would love the convenience. It would be so nice to have one. I dislike trying to backup to park. That is just my opinion and iI know most folks scoff at idea.
What say you?

Advanced Member
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Meridian, ID


XR650L, 790 Adv R

Posted - 04/20/2013 :  7:37 PM
Originally posted by scweeeker

Reverse gear on Heritage Classic? Would love the convenience. It would be so nice to have one. I dislike trying to backup to park. That is just my opinion and iI know most folks scoff at idea.
What say you?

I say your bike is too heavy.

But this is coming from someone who has always owned bikes weighing under 500 pounds.
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Male Moderator
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Evanston, IL



Posted - 04/20/2013 :  9:01 PM
Here's more not answering the question. Always park uphill.
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Meridian, Idaho


Sportster Sport

Posted - 04/20/2013 :  10:11 PM
Take your pick, lots of big twin reverse gear kits are available, all are more expensive than parking uphill or a gym membership that will get you strong enough to pick it up and turn it around. http://www.bing.com/search?q=revers...ZSBR&pc=MOZI
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Male Advanced Member
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Calera, AL


Bandit 1250

Posted - 04/23/2013 :  10:50 AM
Good call greywolf.

It took me exactly one time of not being able to back my bike uphill to back out of a parking spot. After that either gravity or the engine do all my work. You always have the option of your brakes to control your bike when you back downhill.
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Advanced Member
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Stratford, CT



Peer Review: Blocked

Posted - 04/23/2013 :  11:17 AM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
Got me thinking about how I park. I actually enjoy making a slow, tight turn into a spot, and then backing it in. I make a game of it sort of, to see how tight a turn I can make with my feet up still. That's totally optional though.
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Male Advanced Member
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Toronto, Ontario


2018 Tri-Gliide

Posted - 04/23/2013 :  11:01 PM
I have had reverse gear (by Champion) on both my Electra Glides. First thing I put on the new 2012. At my age and height I like the freedom to park where I want. Grant you 99.8% of the time I park facing uphill but since I am most all the time touring with loaded heavy bike and my wife on with me, I like the freedom to just grab a spot if thecsituation is dicey.

The reversechascsaved me embarrasment a few times!

If you are careful with it it can sure help.

And I often prefer to back into my garage which is uphill and I am not strong enough to do that without the reverse.
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Senior Member
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Leesburg, VA



Posted - 04/24/2013 :  6:33 AM
Short legs (29" inseam) plus heavy bike (~975lbs) can make backing the bike up a challenge even on flat surfaces. Reverse is definitely a fantastic convenience.

Try backing at heavy bike on a loose gravel parking lot (even a flat surface) and you instantly are aware of how nice reverse is.

Reverse simplifies parking a big heavy bike.
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