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Female New Member
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Wilmington, DE


Heritage Softail

Posted - 05/03/2013 :  2:32 PM                       Like
Hi. Trying to get some input on anyone who has put handlebar speakers on their bike. I have perused several online. I ride Softail Heritage and would love to have some tunes to keep me company. Does anyone have suggestions? I figure on spending $300-$400 on something good.

Male Moderator
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Evanston, IL



Posted - 05/03/2013 :  3:29 PM
I really dislike bike mounted speakers. In order to be heard above the wind noise, they have to be turned up so loud they bother people around you. The total volumes involved are harmful to your hearing. They are also a target for theft. The solution I've found is to use sound attenuating ear buds. They attenuate ambient noise to save your hearing. Wind noise alone can damage hearing over time, causing tinnitus, reduced hearing clarity and reduced volume. All riders should wear ear plugs, at least at highway speeds. Sound attenuating ear buds can cut ambient noise by 25db, not as much as ear plugs can but enough to save your hearing.

Ear buds put the audio between the reduced ambient noise and your ears where the volume can be kept low, saving your hearing yet allowing decent audio. Over the counter ear buds with good sealing ability start hurting my ears after a few hours so I got Challenger M custom ones made. They are well worth the money. http://www.earplugstore.com/noname11.html
I plug mine into a socket I mounted on my bike for the combination GPS/MP3 player. Those not wanting to be wired to the bike can use a Bluetooth receiver.

Finally. make sure you are the type of person who likes music in the background rather than the type who really gets into it. Otherwise, too much focus as taken away from the road.
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Male Senior Member
254 Posts

Muscle Shoals, Alabama



Posted - 05/03/2013 :  4:09 PM
I have never had music on any of my bikes. I do know a couple people that have added them and will inquire some details for you.

How are you planning on driving them? Meaning, are you gonna use a mp3 type device or a full stereo system? If going the full system route, especially if using an amp, make sure you do not exceed bike's your charging system.
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Advanced Member
6950 Posts

Meridian, ID


XR650L, 790 Adv R

Posted - 05/03/2013 :  4:41 PM
Speakers, cruise control, and a backrest - three things I'll never want nor need on a motorcycle.

For those who have stereos on their motorcycles, I'm curious at what speed you can still hear them. Maybe it's because I've also never had a very tall windshield, but beyond about 50 mph I would expect the wind noise to start drowning out any sound from the speakers. It's even that way in a convertible car with the top down.

Whenever I feel the need for music while riding, I just sing inside my helmet.
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Male Senior Member
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The Woodlands, TX



Posted - 05/06/2013 :  1:42 PM Follow poster on Twitter
I have a Shark Audio 100 watt system mounted in my fairing and have no problem hearing it at speeds up to 75 mph...and I can still hear what's going on around me. I used earbuds for the first few month I had the bike but I really don't like shutting out all other sounds...with the stereo, I can still hear horns, truck engines, sirens, etc.
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4260 Posts

Meridian, Idaho


Sportster Sport

Posted - 05/06/2013 :  2:28 PM
"Speakers, cruise control, and a backrest - three things I'll never want nor need on a motorcycle."
I agree with you, however I do have a tuned exhaust the plays a looped version of Wagner's "Ride Of The Valkyries".


Edited by - gymnast on 05/06/2013 2:38 PM
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