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Road King

Posted - 10/24/2013 :  12:25 PM                       Like
Google Glass with GPS, rear-view camera and bluetooth connectivity.


Beta-testers apply here:


Too distracting or a good idea?

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Posted - 10/24/2013 :  1:05 PM Follow poster on Twitter
Well...I applied to be a Beta Tester. Hopefully, being a Safety Professional with the ability to give feedback from that point of view will help to convince them to select me.

I will withhold my opinions until I have a chance to make an informed comment. Hopefully, you have the option of turning off the rearview display when carrying a passenger.
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Shadow Spirit 750DC

Posted - 10/25/2013 :  8:21 AM
I applied to be a Beta Tester
Please let us know if they contact you, and what they have to say.

I went to the site to see what the price on these helmets would be and they do not appear to be available for retail sale yet. I was tempted to apply as a Beta tester but decided not to because I don't put a lot of miles on my bike during the NY winter. I take short trips (half hour +-) a couple of times per week just to circulate the fluids and do some quick PLP. I am most curious about how they handle fogging but that question will come should you become a Beta. The second question on my mind is helmet weight. I could not find any specs. I will be returning to the site to see if it was just my oversight once real life gives me some breathing room.

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Posted - 10/25/2013 :  10:01 AM
First issue that pops in my mind is display obstructing the view of the right hand mirror, also, I wonder how much will the bug splatter on the outside of the visor affect the rider being able to clearly read it. Hopefully they will sign you on so we can get first hand info.

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Peer Review: Blocked

Posted - 10/25/2013 :  12:51 PM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
It looks to me to be a whole lot of distraction.

I don't think the rear view screen has a lot of merit. It doesn't appear to show the typical blind spots to the side and behind. In the meanwhile, there's like a rolling video of where you've been.

I don't want the distraction of music, or phone calls, or the sometimes annoying gps voice instructions.

I use a GPS sometimes, and find a quick glance telling me with a -> 2 miles, and Elm St, to be all I need to turn right on Elm in a few minutes. It talks, but I can't hear it..lol.
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The Woodlands, TX



Posted - 10/28/2013 :  9:07 AM Follow poster on Twitter
I do quite a variety of riding...from Pocono Mountain twisties to congested North Jersey interstates to in-town and some (limited) city riding...not to mention the rural farm roads that most people don't believe exist in NJ.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to test it in all of these venues. If I get selected as a Beta, I'll post my reviews here as well as to the manufacturer (if they don't specifically prohibit it) so that everyone here can reap the benefits of first-hand information.
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