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 Worn out hook & loop (velcro)
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Posted - 02/15/2014 :  9:06 AM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend                        Like
Some velcro type strips seem to wear out quickly. Especially the strips that are used often, like at the cuff.

My winter textile jacket and my mesh jacket cuffs no longer stay hooked. The winter jacket also has a neck flap held closed by velcro too. I didn't want to replace it with more of the same.

I bought a "kit" of snap fasteners at Jo-Ann fabrics. The biggest, heavy duty type that they had. Should have looked for a stitch cutting tool too, but didn't. The snaps aren't going to work through the thickness of the old velcro, and they were sewn on.

I used an exacto knife to cut the stitches of the old velcro. Put the jackets on to get an idea of where to install the snaps. I just marked the end of the overlap, so that I could replicate the overlap that suits me.

Poked a hole through the jacket material to push the studs of the fasteners, and used the "kits" pin and anvil tools to secure the male and female snap buttons.

I'm pleased with the results, and tried them out. I'm sure the snaps will be more secure, and last a long time. If not, the kit came with several extras for my needs.

It bugged me before, even during a ride, to have to resecure the cuffs and neck flap. So one less distraction for me.

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Posted - 02/15/2014 :  9:41 AM
My Phantom suit's leg velcro is great at collecting spare carpet fluff. A happy hour can be wasted picking it out with a pin.
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Gryphon Rider
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Valkyrie Tourer

Posted - 02/21/2014 :  3:22 PM
Picking the collected debris out of the hook side of the fastener can improve its grip. I, also, have added snaps. The wrist straps on my hot-weather gloves weren't staying fastened securely, so I used a hole punch for leather to help install snaps without removing the Velcro.
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Stratford, CT



Posted - 02/21/2014 :  4:04 PM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
Where did you get snaps with a long enough tube to go through leather and velcro?
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Thunderbird Sport

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Posted - 04/13/2015 :  2:25 PM
I've got an AlpineStar Bionic2 Jacket...the kidney belt is fastened by Hook & Loop...After a couple of years of constant use it stopped grabbing. With testing I noticed that the soft felt side was no longer working. I just stitched some new softside Velcro (that I picked up at a fabric store) and it works like a charm.
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