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 What is an "experienced rider" to you?
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Cash Anthony
Female Administrator
1470 Posts

Houston, Texas


Magna 750

Posted - 08/23/2005 :  12:06 PM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend    DetailDetail                        Like
Poll Question:

Assuming a rider is new, how many miles must he / she ride in order to be considered "experienced"? (Other factors besides mileage may be polled later.)

Completed MSF/ Basic Rider course, no matter how many miles   [1%] 1 votes 
Completed MSF/similar INSTRUCTOR course, no matter how many miles   [6%] 4 votes 
1,000 miles   [1%] 1 votes 
2,500 miles   [10%] 7 votes 
5,000 miles   [23%] 16 votes 
10,000 miles   [39%] 27 votes 
50,000 miles   [14%] 10 votes 
100,000 miles   [6%] 4 votes 

Poll Status: Closed  »»   Total Votes: 70 counted  »»   Last Vote: 11/16/2005 8:34 PM 

Senior Member
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Ellettsville, IN


800 Intruder

Peer Review: 2

Posted - 08/28/2005 :  11:41 PM
I think those other factors are too significant to give an answer, miles don't tell the whole story.

To grossly exaggerate... If someone put 5000 miles on their bike in a parking lot, are they experienced?

To not exaggerate and be serious, the type of miles really matters. The rural rider may have thousands of miles and never experience heavy traffic. The city rider may have thousands of miles and never experience a blind, off-camber, hair-pin.

Being out there in a number of different situations and dealing with what the world throws at you is what makes "experience."

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James R. Davis
Male Administrator
17381 Posts

Houston, TX


GoldWing 1500

Posted - 08/29/2005 :  12:23 PM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
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Male Advanced Member
1561 Posts

SE, Indiana



Posted - 09/07/2005 :  10:12 PM
Over 3/4 think someone with 10,000 miles is experienced. That's probably pretty reasonable for reducing it to a measurable statistic.

Although I completely agree with the comments about the type of experience making a difference, someone with 10,000 miles under his/her belt should be able to handle new environments without much problem. Especially if they've supplemented those miles with additional training such as courses, reading, etc., which, by definition, includes everyone who reads this site (if they are paying attention).
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Junior Member
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american canyon, ca


xs750 sf

Posted - 09/12/2005 :  7:19 PM
I've got about fifty times that much and still don't know what I'm doing.

Now can I get some karma back?

wear a helmet.
just say no.
cover your brake.
don't use cooking oil in the crank case.
raining is not washing.

Did I forget anything that I need to repent for?

Here I go again,
10k could be equal to about four work weeks in hours. I don't think that amount of time is enough to learn a job as tough as motorcycling. I'm sure I'm slow, but my experience at that level was about the same as none at all.
Not dissing on "low milage riders" but I'd caution that most accidents are caused by being cocky or complacent. If I'm not just a bit nervous, I check myself.
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New Member
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Folsom, Ca



Posted - 10/09/2005 :  1:36 PM
Maybe another factor should be brought into this? What about the age of the rider? Couldn't you have a young rider the age of say early 20's with 10k miles. Does that make him an experienced and safe rider?

Me personally...I just started riding for the first time, four years ago. And have logged close to 50k miles on five different bikes. I was 32 yrs old. I feel starting at this point in my life was the best thing for me. I know how foolish I was as a kid when I first started driving.

Maybe just another way to look at this question
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