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 Humor ... the lighter side
 Humor from Alaska
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Cash Anthony
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Posted - 06/22/2014 :  8:51 PM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend                        Like
After spending most of a day riding the Alaska Railroad, the conductor apologizes to the passengers in the sight-seeing car.

"Usually, we see a lot of moose on this part of the run," he says.
"But this year, we've seen hardly any."

At just that moment, a lady on the east side of the train shouts out,
"I see one! I see a moose!"

The rest of the passengers quickly hop out of their seats and stand around her looking east, to see where she's pointing.

Sure enough, out past the bracken and among the trees, they all see a moose's head with a big rack of antlers on it, slowly moving away.

To their surprise, the creature suddenly turns around and moves in the direction of the train tracks, instead of away from it.

"Wow! Look at that!" shouts a passenger. The tourists are spellbound as the moose comes closer and closer.

The conductor leans over to speak to an elderly couple who aren't able to jump up to look, and fear they're missing the show.

"Not to worry," he whispers. "Last year nobody saw any moose, so the company hired a guy for this year to make sure the tourists would. They put a man in a moose skin and a stuffed head and hired him to wander out there, to give everyone a thrill."

The moose keeps coming on toward the tracks, and then someone at the window shouts, "Wow, it's a bear! Look, there's a bear chasing the moose!"

Now the conductor whispers, "Oh, dear! Guess that skin got pretty ripe over the summer!"

The moose is getting within a few steps of the slowly moving train, and now the man inside the moose skin can be heard screaming, "Stop! Stop! Don't let him eat me! Stop the train!"

And the bear says to him, "Shut up, you fool, or they'll fire us both!"

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