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 How Fast Can Things Go Wrong?
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Meridian, Idaho


Sportster Sport

Posted - 05/19/2015 :  11:54 AM                       Like
Really fast!


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Central Coast, CA



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Posted - 05/19/2015 :  5:23 PM
In spite of the quick-cut, shock-value presentation, there are some valuable lessons in compilations like this one. And I think they're just as valuable here in the US as in the countries they came from.

Watch with your finger on the pause button, and back up and re-watch when you didn't quite catch the crucial event. In some crashes it's gobsmackingly stupid. But others--if you were to read a description in the minimalist language of a police or news report--seem very much like the ones we hear about all the time. "Motorcycle collided with oncoming vehicle that turned left." "Motorcycle rear-ended vehicle slowing in traffic." "Motorcycle ran off the road in a curve."

After watching these compilations for a few years, I no longer feel automatic outrage when I read about a crash where a motorcyclist's right of way is violated. I want to know the rest of the story: speed, view obstructions, pre-crash maneuvers, etc.

Someone with the time and inclination could use real-life incidents like these to create instructional videos that help riders understand how a seemingly harmless action can lead to a crash.
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Meridian, ID


XR650L, 790 Adv R

Posted - 05/19/2015 :  6:44 PM
There are a lot of cases where the car pulling across the path of the motorcycle was doing it v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. The rider should have spotted the hazard way back there and been able to do something about it.

Other than the deer jumping out and a few cases of a rider getting rear ended, I believe that I could have avoided the rest.
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The Meromorph
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Posted - 05/20/2015 :  8:43 AM
I am informed by some people who should know (Expat Russians) that many of these (at least the ones out of Russia) are a result of (a) licenses awarded for contributions, not for testing, (b) very high/regular alcohol consumption, (c) a common attitude of "rules? what rules?".
Although stupidity obviously plays a large part in all of them.
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The Woodlands, TX



Posted - 05/20/2015 :  9:38 AM Follow poster on Twitter
I'd say about 80%-90% of those crashes could be contributed to "rider error"...whether it's excessive speed for conditions, lane splitting, passing on the shoulder, inattentiveness,or just plain stupidity, in many of those crashes (notice I don't use the word "accident", which conveys that it could NOT be avoided) the majority of the liability falls on the motorcycle rider. In the rest of them, the fault either falls completely on the other party or is split equally between both parties.
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colorado springs, co


CB750 NightHawk

Posted - 07/12/2015 :  12:43 AM
It takes a bit for my heart rate to calm down when I see these videos and I usually pass on looking at or for stuff like this but as Dan states, a lot can be learned from these.

I did use the pause feature quite a bit just to clarify a few events.
It appears to me, many of the pedestrian or bicyclists seem to be either wrongly entering a path or doing so on blind faith if within their 'right of way'.

I noted many episodes where it was apparent the motorcyclist was way beyond safe speeds for the situations or traffic flow, many of them demonstrated poor brake technique, too much rear brake, or rear brake only.

A few did demonstrate good braking in that it was obvious they cut their speed to impact pretty significantly.
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