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 Motorcycle Accident Reports - WITH COMMENTS
 An typical filtering accident ( London UK)
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Young Dai
Male Junior Member
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Southend, Essex
United Kingdom



Posted - 08/17/2016 :  5:20 AM                       Like
The accident is reported as having occurred outside New Cross bus Depot in South London, blocking the A2 route .

(For you English Majors who struggled with 'The Canterbury Tales', the A2 follows the route they would have taken from Southwark, down the Old Kent Road about 5 miles further back on the Southbank


If I was putting money on it, from the final position of the bike I would suggest something like this occurred

The Traffic flow is normally severely restricted during commuting hours and the bike would be filtering down the outside of the westbound lane, (ie toward the upper right hand side of the picture) just as the bus came out from the garage entrance , though a gap in the traffic caused by the yellow box markings put in front of the bus garage. ( Yellow box road markings in the UK require drivers not to enter the space unless their exit is clear, it is used for strategic junctions or other areas where access is important)

I know from experience the east-bound traffic would have been equally as heavy, as this is a major commuting artery out from London, which is further compounded by the bus & cycle lane only on the east-bound route.

Finally although there are two lines of traffic in both direction, they are very narrow lanes and really do not allow filtering between the lanes travelling in the same direction

In those circumstances I imagine the motorcyclist would have been, off-siding, into the on coming traffic flow, skimming his wing-mirrors on both sides, unless he was able to take advantage of a ( very rare) halt in the flow caused by traffic lights just visible in the upper right hand side of the lead picture.

In those conditions his diagonal view to the side would have been further restricted by the two large vans at the head of the queue so he didn't see the bus, and the bus didn't see him


The insurance companies can pick the bones out of who has responsibility.

But the learning point here is once again , when filtering beware of gaps , gaps mean pain and hospital food

If you are approaching a gap at a traffic junction, near a side road or caused by road making, slow down to a dead halt if necessary to check the view, so you aren't collected by a darter .

Gaps in between parallel traffic lanes in the same direction will enevitably have someone who will try to fill them if they think they can get 5yrds ahead quicker, so keep your speed to one where you can stop in a hurry

Edited by - Young Dai on 08/18/2016 2:42 AM

Advanced Member
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Central Coast, CA



Posted - 08/18/2016 :  3:48 PM
Good example. Thanks for posting it.

For info, here: (51.474300, -0.043900). Paste coordinates into Google Maps--street view available.

From the Essex Hugger Filtering Guide via Young Dai's recent post on public information videos:

Vehicles pulling out of nearside junctions or driveways
This problem is easily solved by following the simple advice "don't overtake near junctions" but is a regular crash scenario with bikes filtering down the offside of traffic. A vehicle in the queue will often correctly leave a space for a car to pull out of a nearside junction or driveway. The vehicle emerging from the junction may believe that it is all clear from the right and only look left for the danger. In the best case scenario it will have to edge forward to get a view beyond the vehicle line but some drivers will not consider the likelihood of a bike filtering down the offside. You are in trouble if you are not looking for this problem area.

The accompanying illustration shows just this situation. For info, "nearside" = curb side on your side of the road; "offside" = road center.

Edited by - DataDan on 08/18/2016 4:08 PM
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Male Moderator
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Evanston, IL



Posted - 08/19/2016 :  7:59 AM
Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this.

Doctor: Don't do that.
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