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 Motorcycle Accident Reports - WITH COMMENTS
 Crashed at about 60mph hitting a deer!
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Safe N Smiling
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Posted - 09/22/2016 :  5:33 PM                       Like
I crashed:


I had a great day.
Rode the full length of Mulholland Highway to the beach and had a really great day kitesurfing.
Great conditions... perfect wind and big waves.
I was heading home and about 10 minutes from home a deer shot out of nowhere in a full sprint.
About 1/3 second warning.

I went down hard at 55mph

Slid about 200 feet and the bike went further.

I went down hard on my right side hitting shoulder, head and hips.

At some point during the slide the bike hit me. I saw it coming at me, thought it was going to hit me in the face/head.
It hit my hand sparks flying.
I felt like a huge bee sting on my hand. I think the crash guard took a little chunk out of my thumb.

Anyway the most important thing I want to share is that my airbag vest went off and protected me
incredibly well! Apart from the hand injury I ONLY HAVE A 1in x 1/2in subtle bruise.

My motoport pants and jacket protected my skin. Both are trashed, but did their job really well. Apart from my hand NOT A SCRATCH!!!!
The main damage areas of the jacket are where I hit hard and mainly on the top of my left sleeve.

Helmet has some rear damage from the initial impact and side/visor grinding from the slide.
Shoei Helmets are built like tanks! Keep in mind the Air-bag vest and helmet worked in tandem.
I don't even have a stiff neck!

I also have to mention my Motoport Gloves. Despite me sliding palms down the gloves have virtually no damage on the palms.
Some stitching gave way and I think that was from the force of the initial impact.
The first thing I looked at even before getting up were my hands / gloves because of the long slide and the harsh blacktop there. Best $169 I have ever spent.

I've gone down before. Once when I was 14 on road and other times riding MX. Those falls felt sort of like being attacked by 5 people with base ball bats.

This fall with the Air-Bag vest I would describe as feeling like I was having a good pillow fight with
Shaq O'Niel and he got me really good with a big ass heavy pillow full of heavy feathers. A big dull WOOOOMMMP and two or three knocks.
The knocks were from my helmet and shoulder armor.

I got it all on helmet cam with my helmet light on. I'll post at some point.
As well as photos of the gear.

After chilling with two good samaritans for 15 or 20 minutes and doing some balance tests etc and checking the bike I got back in the bike and rode it home slowly with the two good samaritans escorting me ... both of us with out 4 turn signals flashing.

About the bike all I remember is giving it gas when I was hit to not go highside..... Old MX habit.
The deer hit the wheel from the side at full sprint and threw the steering all the way to the right totally braking the tire traction with the ground leaving a skid mark.
Bike threatened to highside, but ended lowsided and the engine crash guard took the brunt of it along with the left side case.
Road surface was so abrasive that the crash guard almost ground through the thickness of the tubing in two places. Crazy thing is that durring my slide I noticed two colors of sparks ..... kind of trippy......
I also had a big ass duffel bag sticking out a bit over the case. It helped dampen the drop.

The bike itself is frigging PERFECT!!!!!! And believe it or not my surfboard didn't even get scratched or fly off or anything.

I also have to give a shout out to Otterbox. My phone flew the farthest and protected my phone perfectly so I was able to send out an emergency buy pressing the power button three times. (a Samsung/Android function).

I'm glad to still be around and "celebrating" the outcome. Apart from my thumb, the pain in the rest of my body I would best describe as the pain you might get by getting over ambitious working out at the gym.

Ride Safe.

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R 1200 RT

Posted - 09/22/2016 :  8:27 PM
Very good to hear that you came out intact other than thumb which compared to what could have happened seems not too bad. And a bonus that the bike was not destroyed, though that would have been inexpensive to repair compared to making a major repair to you.

Looks as if you have the Motoport "air mesh Kevlar". I have the Motorport "stretch Kevlar" and also their gloves. Have not tested them for abrasion resistance so far. I also have the Hit-Air vest. Have not tested that yet either. Thanks for researching the gear and giving me some confidence. No need to do that again however.
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Evanston, IL



Posted - 09/23/2016 :  7:38 AM
Fred? That must be you from Stromtrooper. There are a lot of present and former V-Strom riders here.
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Safe N Smiling
Male Junior Member
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On a Bike Somewhere, Here and There

(Unknown - Other)

Several Bikes

Posted - 09/27/2016 :  7:50 PM
Yes. Hi Grey wolf!
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Posted - 10/03/2016 :  1:37 PM
Wow, that looked violent, glad you're ok - One reason I always carry the phone on me and not on the bike is I worry about crashing off the road and out of sight of passing motorists and not being able to call for help because the phone flew off and I can't move.
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