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 What do you like doing other than motorcycling?
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James R. Davis
Male Administrator
17380 Posts

Houston, TX


GoldWing 1500

Posted - 12/10/2020 :  9:20 AM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend                        Like
How about sharing a bit about yourself here so that the others can see that we are not 'simply' motorcyclists?

Other than providing expert witness services to attorneys who work motorcycle involved injury/death cases, I spend a great deal of time in the cryptocurrency markets, and a small amount of time doing some creative writing.

As to that last ... Cash and I are members of The Final Twist, a group of mystery writers who have published TEN anthologies so far. We just completed our latest one called EVERY BEAST HAS A SECRET, 13 short stories about animals, and each one is a mystery! Take a look at EVERY BEAST HAS A SECRET, ready for pre-order on Amazon.


And though the story I wrote is a mild mystery, it is more properly described as a police K9 procedural and it at least mentions motorcycles.

Okay, writing is not as fun as riding, but you can do it in your bathrobe while drinking a scotch.

If you would like to help that writer's group out after you've taken a look at the book, you can go to the Final Twist page on Facebook, and like or comment on or share (or all three) the announcement about the book. Here is the link:


Eagle Six
Junior Member
35 Posts

Snowflake, Arizona



Posted - 12/10/2020 :  10:40 AM
Oh, I get to write a bio!! I'll keep it simple...

Over the years I have been blessed with an opportunity to perform many jobs and hobbies, these are a few I feel are significant to me:

- Photographer, Amateur Videograhper.
- Lethal Force Instructor (Handgun, Carbine, Shotgun, Precision Rifle, Edged Weapons, Mountain Survival).
- Flight Instructor, SEL, MEL, CFI-I.
- Commercial Pilot (Part 135).
- Combat Infantryman (Machinegunner, Platoon Sniper, Platoon Sergeant).
- High Risk Security/Private Police (Executive Escort, Personal Protection, High Value Security).
- Corporate IT Management (World Wide Desktops and Networks).
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Male Advanced Member
749 Posts

Ft. Worth, Texas


03 FXD Super Glide

Posted - 12/17/2020 :  3:04 PM
I don't do as much these days with age and ailments setting in. I worked for many years as an audio engineer setting up sound systems for concerts and clubs. That became 'no fun' so now I just play the guitar... and I still do graphic art/web design stuff. My biggest battle is fishing. I love to fish and used to go all the time. Problem is, now if the weather is good enough to fish, it's good enough to ride. Guess which one wins out... lol.

I'll add that the most rewarding job I've ever had started out as a Drug Abuse counselor. It turned into a R.O.P.E.S. (Remedial Outdoor Progressive Experiential Seminar) facilitator, and ended up as a team building instructor using the Challenge Course. It was a lot of fun, and it was great seeing people change right before your eyes.
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Male Advanced Member
2273 Posts

colorado springs, co


CB750 NightHawk

Posted - 07/26/2021 :  10:49 PM
Great topic !
Fun hearing about other's interests and such.

One thing that's been a bit of a mainstay for me since my teen years is a slight interest in creative writing. Not necessarily talent but the selfish act of entertaining myself if nothing or nobody else. I'm not much on archives or saving things other than some email versions but it began as a pen pal thing with a group of kids I met on a summer vacation/cruise ship (girls from the St Louis area) and stayed in touch for quite a time. Just friendly chat and updates and somewhat between girlfriends in my home town.
Before long, I was writing to my girlfriend away at college and eventually when the internet / email systems became old news, I loved the instant ability to write, spell check, send etc.... I found reason to stay in touch with friends and family whether they missed me or not. Writing was a good outlet and at times, my stories became bigger than life in fun ways or at least I found ways to laugh at myself and use that as motivation in sharing funny things or staying in touch. Things that "went Brian" put the funny ingredients into just about any day of my life. We all know these things are more about how you tell the story that helps it along or more entertaining.

Beyond that and more recent times, family living nearby keep us busy these days with our kids a block away from each other and 2 miles from our house. Both are in the family way, married for years and our grandkids number 4 , all boys with 3 on the one side and 1 on the other.

For most of the 28 years we've been in CO, I've kept busy or at least somewhat fitness related on a mtn bike. Adventures and camaraderie keep me interested. A few bumps and bangs in the younger days have schooled me on taming things as I get older and x-ray costs escalate. My wife has an e-bike within the past 16 or 18 months so the bike thing is something we can enjoy together and gives me an excuse and reason to get out 2 or 3 times a week in one way or 'nother.

My profession/s and work life have not been terribly interesting but have created some basis for fun writing at times. I have been at a hospital in C Springs for the better part of 20 years , coming up on 21 in August. That was about the start of much of my fun writing, full immersion into learning more and getting handy on internet stuff, websites, shopping and joining forums of interest including this one ! BTW- This better than 20 years thus far has been the midnight shift with weekends as Tues - Weds nights off and has worked pretty well for me in that regard.
I do winter ski occasionally and had a wonderful experience for a number of years working with, training and skiing with disabled skiers as a volunteer instructor in a sit-ski adaptive program.

Hello to those that remember me and Hi / Welcome to the newer adds !

Edited by - bachman1961 on 07/26/2021 10:59 PM
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