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Advanced Member
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Houston, Texas


1997 Virago XV1100

Posted - 10/10/2005 :  3:53 PM   No DetailNo Detail                        Like
Poll Question:
When going for a ride in the country, which do you prefer?

I always ride alone.   [15%,14%] 19 votes 
I only like to ride with small groups.   [5%,6%] 7 votes 
I only like to ride with large groups.   [0%,0%] 0 votes 
I prefer to ride alone, but occasionally will ride with a group.   [18%,28%] 30 votes 
I prefer to ride with a group, but will occasionally go out alone.   [3%,11%] 9 votes 
I never go for rides in the country, I only ride in the city.   [0%,0%] 0 votes 
= Guests (27 votes)

Poll Status: Closed  »»   Total Votes: 65 counted  »»   Last Vote: 10/17/2005 11:15 AM 

Thom Thumb
Advanced Member
1595 Posts

Jordan, MN


Sportster XL883

Posted - 10/10/2005 :  5:05 PM
It takes so much concentration to ride in a group that I don't particularly enjoy it.

I have on occasion caught up with groups, and I try to be a good groupie until our paths diverge. Usually that means being about 3 sec back from the drag bike - hopefully the right thing to do.

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Advanced Member
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Meridian, ID


XR650L, 790 Adv R

Posted - 10/10/2005 :  6:11 PM
I enjoy riding with small groups of six or less with three riders being about optimal from my experience. It helps if they all have the same riding ability so that some don't spend time catching up with and/or waiting for others.

Still, when I'm riding alone I can truly ride at my own pace, which often involves occasionally slowing way down to enjoy the scenery. Groups are best once you make it to the lunch stop, though.
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New Member
22 Posts

Folsom, Ca



Posted - 10/12/2005 :  10:29 PM
For the most part I really like to ride alone. Have ridden quite a few times in a group. What I dislike the most about riding in a group...I don't feel as safe.

I just went on a group ride about a month ago with a total of 8 bikes. We all met for breakfast. Then left...everyone said that they would go at a very relaxed pace. But once we got rolling...that was not the case. They started out on the staggered formation but in a hill section they started coming of the sides of each other, passing then getting on the brakes, right after they pass you. It appeared that at least of one of the guys was riding way outside of his comfort zone. That really scared me...so made sure to keep as much distance between myself and him.

I am sure riding with a group can be fun. I just haven't experienced it yet.

Edited by - locopez on 10/12/2005 10:30 PM
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Male Advanced Member
510 Posts



Dragstar & Vmax

Posted - 10/13/2005 :  12:56 AM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
My answer is number 4 but the group is small, usually 2 or 3 with myself included.
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New Member
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Ballina, NSW



Posted - 10/13/2005 :  3:12 AM
What Marsam said is just right for me.
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Junior Member
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Wichita, KS


XJ550 Maxim

Posted - 10/13/2005 :  6:43 AM
I've been invited to go on a road trip to a town about 75 miles away...all backroads, with a group of Beemer riders, but I have serious doubts about my little 550 keeping up without revving the heck out of the little monster.

55 mph = 5500 RPM.
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New Member
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Manchester, England
United Kingdom



Posted - 10/13/2005 :  10:42 AM
I think there is safety in numbers to a certain extent and I guess it depends how experienced you are. As a newish rider with less than 12 months under my belt I prefer to ride in a very small group of 2-3 including me. It gives me more confidence that if anything should happen I will at least have some friends around. Also cars can sometimes try to intimidate the solo biker (i.e. tailgating or generally being an arse) so again 2 or 3 together stops this.

I go out on my own but stick to local routes I know and tend not to venture too far out on my own just yet. I hope with more experience my confidence to travel further on my own will grow.

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Indiana Randy
2118 Posts

Fort Wayne, Indiana


2000 Magna V4 750

Posted - 10/13/2005 :  4:00 PM
jerrysad- I don't see any reason you couldn't 'keep up'. Since they are back roads I'd suspect the speeds aren't going to be too high, right? The real answer lies with one of the other riders. Ask them what speeds they plan to take the road. If it's out of your comfort zone, then obviously it's time to pass. If it's reasonable, then have fun.

With group riding it's not so much what kind of bike is participating, but instead, the type of rider ON the bike. Some people are FAR more aggressive than me and I don't ride with them. The key is to find other riders with your level of skills and desires for the ride.
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