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 How many wrecks?
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Male Advanced Member
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SE, Indiana



Posted - 11/07/2005 :  9:41 PM   DetailDetail                        Like
Poll Question:
How many times have you wrecked your bike(s)?

(Not just a drop and not counting off-road bikes.)

0   [64%] 83 votes 
1   [23%] 30 votes 
2   [7%] 9 votes 
3   [4%] 5 votes 
4   [0%] 0 votes 
5   [1%] 1 votes 
more than 5   [1%] 1 votes 
= Guests (67 votes)

Poll Status: Closed  »»   Total Votes: 129 counted  »»   Last Vote: 12/07/2005 9:44 PM 

Thom Thumb
Advanced Member
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Jordan, MN


Sportster XL883

Posted - 11/08/2005 :  4:21 PM
Knock-on-wood, I've never had a drop I couldn't ride away from. Even my worst drop resulted in no more that a skinned knee, twisted ankle, and a few bent bits on the bike. I enjoy riding, but I'm not about to kill myself proving it.

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Posted - 11/08/2005 :  8:29 PM
One on the street. Strangely enough, the gal was on her way to a funeral. Passing to my left, she cut back a bit too soon. I'm on the inside track, yakin' with my partner. His face goes to that aww S*** look. I turned just as her bumper connects with my front wheel. Needless to say, i'm goin' down at that point. She asks to leave and continue to her funeral as she is late. My partner was on it. "Lady, You leave now and its your funeral". Anyhow, after a slide of perhaps 15', the bike does a couple 360s on the peg and comes to a stop. Helmit took a hit, Kevlar jacket is no worse for the wear, but the shoulder under it was not nearly that happy. Accident report completed, insurance adjustment fair. Now, off-road? Oh boy, we'd be here awhile. Wont bore this group with those details
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Male Advanced Member
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Dragstar & Vmax

Posted - 11/29/2005 :  7:47 AM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
Knock on Wood here too. I hope I'm not involved in an accident that is bad enough to wreck the bike as it would be likely that there would be serious injury to myself as well.
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Junior Member
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Tucson, Arizona


Vulcan 500 LTD

Posted - 11/29/2005 :  9:57 PM
I have only gone down once. The county was doing road work and dredged the street without putting up signs... I came around the corner at night on the high side turning into the low and where they had dredged the road the front tire skid on that 3-4" wet lip. I was only doing 20 or so but due to the lack of streetlights, the blending color of the pavement and lack of warnings/markings and cover of darkness, I went down. Count my lucky stars, no cars behind or in front and I simply rolled off to the side without injury. My tank was dented, my ego intact and the county on my list. I never followed up on it for money, but complained about the lack of markings and they did do something about it. The one thing about motorcycle accidents is that they happen so damn suddenly and with absolutely no warning.

If we wanted to count how many times we have gone down on dirt-bikes I couldnt tell ya... too many races, too many scars and happy to have every one of em!!
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New Member
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Los Angeles, CA



Posted - 12/31/2005 :  3:33 PM
I've had one wreck. A guy in opposing traffic made a left turn right into me. I went flying about 20 feet and the bike was a total loss. Flying through the air out of control in a busy city street IS NOT A GOOD FEELING!

I sustained a really bad thigh bruise and some internal injuries, but nothing that didn't heal. And insurance took care of everything so all in all, I feel lucky with the way things turned out. But the scary thing is that I'm not sure what I could have done to prevent the accident. What's to prevent it from happening again? A calculated risk I guess ...
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Standard Member
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city of smiles



Posted - 01/01/2006 :  10:04 PM
Ill count 2 wrecks for me because they were the more serious ones and include the one i had on a dirt bike because i broke my collarbone and had a concussion on that one, and it happened on a public gravel road.
Both accidents happened about 25 years ago when i was about 20 and i was totally at fault. The bikes were a yamaha DT175 and a honda CB360T. Almost totalled the honda(first bike) riding head on into a jeep. I was thrown clear and landed on soft grass, walked away from that one with hardly a scratch, i was 18 and on my way to school.
I always wear a helmet but still had a concussion on the dirt bike in spite of the helmet.
Thinking back, i know i could have avoided both accidents.
Stopped riding for more than 10 years and started riding again about 8 years ago. No more wrecks..

Edited by - rolog on 01/01/2006 10:14 PM
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Male Starting Member
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Rowlett, TX


Electra Glide

Posted - 01/13/2006 :  1:54 PM
No street mishaps. Used to ride dirt and had a lot of get-offs. When I was young it was my only transportation. 27 years later I have a street bike again. A behemoth. My Harley friends make fun of my full face helmet and Hi-Viz Yellow Aerostich Darien jacket but being 43 I realize that I am indeed mortal. My age group has of late been overrepresented in motorcycle accidents and fatalaties. I try to learn under what conditions these accidents occure and in so doing I try to limit my exposure. Many things can decrease your odds of becoming a statistic but a few salients would be always wear a helmet-Have a current motorcycle license - Never consume alcohol if your going to be riding and limit the late night weekend roadwork. I've been a lifetime afficianado but have only been back on the streets for 18 months. I defer and would like to learn from those in this forum who know more than I.

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Male Advanced Member
801 Posts

Toronto, Ontario


Marauder vz 805

Posted - 06/21/2006 :  6:06 PM
No bike wrecks but a close slide out 30 years ago on my first bike a 1974 Yamaha tx500a when I forgot (make that did not even know) that light drizzle rain after a hot day brings the oil out of the tarmac. They tell you that hazard potential now but not then. Damage only a scratch to bike then and a torn tendon (awww youth)
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Starting Member
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Black Forest, Colorado


Posted - 03/02/2008 :  9:45 PM
My husband only had one wreck - last summer - it was fatal. I sure wish he had had at least 20 years more with that bike! He was having a great time.
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Male Junior Member
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Oconomowoc, Wisconsin


Bandit GSF1200

Posted - 03/20/2008 :  6:15 PM
Sorry to hear about that. It is sobering to think it can happen so quickly!
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Starting Member
2 Posts

Black Forest, Colorado


Posted - 03/30/2008 :  10:43 PM
Thanks - it's rough - Godspeed to all of you!
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