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 How often do you ride a bicycle?
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Advanced Member
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Meridian, ID


XR650L, 790 Adv R

Posted - 05/04/2006 :  3:23 PM   DetailDetail                        Like
Poll Question:
As I was riding my Specialized Hard Rock back from lunch this afternoon I got to wondering how many motorcyclists here still ride a bicycle regularly. I typically ride about five miles a day two to three days a week, which would put me at about 500-700 miles a year. I figure anybody who rides a bike more than 1000 miles a year is "hardcore", so I didn't bother going beyond that amount.

I believe that some bicycle skills aid in motorcycle skills, plus a bicycle definitely helps me stay in shape better than a motorcycle.

So how often do you ride a bicycle?

I've never ridden a bicycle   [0%] 0 votes 
I rode a bicycle when I was a kid but not now   [30%] 6 votes 
Less than 100 miles per year   [45%] 9 votes 
Between 100 and 1000 miles per year   [25%] 5 votes 
More than 1000 miles per year   [0%] 0 votes 
= Guests (4 votes)

Poll Status: Closed  »»   Total Votes: 20 counted  »»   Last Vote: 05/10/2006 9:31 PM 

Male New Member
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brooklyn new york, ny


gsxr 600

Posted - 07/13/2006 :  10:19 AM
I just put on like 500 miles in 4 weeks. I do wwell over 1000 miles in one year.
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Standard Member
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city of smiles



Posted - 07/31/2006 :  11:11 PM
I was also doing well over 1000 miles a year when i started biking 10 years ago and even joined the older age group races.. I havent been biking anywhere near that much in the last couple of years.

Many times i feel the bicycle rides are more rewarding than my motorcycle rides, plus you could get a really nice bicycle for a fraction of a motorcycle's cost.

Edited by - rolog on 07/31/2006 11:21 PM
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Male Advanced Member
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Toronto, Ontario


Marauder vz 805

Posted - 08/06/2006 :  8:48 AM
Living near the lake, I hit the lakeshore trails on my cheapy mountain bike at least once a week running around 400 miles a year and enjoy it very much. I find I tend to see more scenery on the peddle bike than the motorbike but I would guess the leisure factor is better and my route is a pedestrian one which the MC cannot go on. On the other hand the MC takes me well out into the country with the leisure that the mountain bike cannot reach
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Male Standard Member
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parma, OH


electraglide classic

Posted - 01/01/2008 :  5:43 PM
I spent the last 15 years riding a bicycle as a College cop, I typically did about 1500 miles each year between April and December. Always with a helmet on.
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