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 Do you spend more time riding or discussing?
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Meridian, ID


XR650L, 790 Adv R

Posted - 07/06/2006 :  11:27 AM   DetailDetail                        Like
Poll Question:
It was brought up another forum that most of us spend more time reading about motorcycles and discussing them than actually riding them. I know that I'm guilty of that as well. I'll even let you count time spent working on your motorcycle as "riding" time so this poll isn't too one-sided.

So do you spend more time riding your motorcycle or more time discussing motorcycles?

I ride more than I discuss motorcycles   [44%] 24 votes 
I spend more time reading and discussing motorcycles than riding   [56%] 30 votes 
= Guests (17 votes)

Poll Status: Closed  »»   Total Votes: 54 counted  »»   Last Vote: 08/05/2006 10:35 PM 

Sox Fan
Male Senior Member
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Kerhonkson, NY


DL 650

Posted - 07/06/2006 :  11:43 AM
On a daily basis during the week the split is something like this:

30 minutes each way to work and back

Total - 1 hour

15 minutes in the morning during my coffee break
30 minutes at lunch time while I eat
15 minutes in the afternoon
30 to 60 minutes in the evening

Total - 1.5 to 2 hours

So over the course of a week it winds up being about 5 hours riding vs. 8 to 10 hours reading or discussing. Once in a while I'll take a ride at lunch, or I'll ride during the weekend, but I think the balance is still tipped toward "peripheral" activities.
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Male Senior Member
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Atlanta, Georgia


'06 Aero

Posted - 07/06/2006 :  3:24 PM
I commute to work which doesn't account for much, but I often ride long rides as well, which makes up for the difference.

I've put 4000 miles on my bike in 2 months. If I have discussed as much as that, I'd have 2000+ posts on this forum by now, probably.
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Posted - 07/06/2006 :  6:57 PM
This time of year, 50/50 is realistic. Cut out rain days, and really cold winter and snow days, I confess, more time reading than riding.

But then, If I find something new in reading, I get to try it out the next time I ride. More than a few good habits were the direct result of reading time.
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Male Advanced Member
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Toronto, Ontario


2018 Tri-Gliide

Posted - 07/10/2006 :  4:25 PM
It's our two month SUMMER. I ride more than read until the season changes .....
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Male Standard Member
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Belleville, Ontario


2006 Vulcan 900 LT

Posted - 07/11/2006 :  9:49 AM
I commute about 200km (120-130 miles?) a day. The first thing I do when I get to work is turn on the computer and check out this site...and continue to do so throughout the day. Lately it's probably been a 50-50 split for me but rain days make me lean more towards reading than riding for the purposes of this poll.
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