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 How much and why do you ride
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Male Standard Member
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Sarasota, FL


2018 Versys 650

Posted - 03/08/2007 :  10:46 AM   No DetailNo Detail                        Like
Poll Question:
I've often wondered how many miles people ride each year and why. So I designed this poll to see. Is it mostly commuting or mostly pleasure? If most or all of your riding is for pleasure then respond pleasure - otherwise it will be commuting. If you do both equally then it's up to you how to respond. Maybe there are other reasons to ride, like it's your only transportation, but I think they will still fall into one of these two categories.

This is miles per year.

Less than 2,000 - Commute   [0%,0%] 0 votes 
Less than 2,000 - Pleasure   [0%,0%] 0 votes 
Between 2,000 and 5,000 - Commute   [0%,12%] 3 votes 
Between 2,000 and 5,000 - Pleasure   [8%,19%] 7 votes 
Between 5,000 and 10,000 - Commute   [4%,8%] 3 votes 
Between 5,000 and 10,000 - Pleasure   [4%,31%] 9 votes 
More than 10,000 - Commute   [0%,8%] 2 votes 
More than 10,000 - Pleasure   [4%,4%] 2 votes 
= Guests (5 votes)

Poll Status: Closed  »»   Total Votes: 26 counted  »»   Last Vote: 03/14/2007 3:31 PM 

Advanced Member
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Meridian, ID


XR650L, 790 Adv R

Posted - 03/08/2007 :  11:56 AM
Since my "commute" is two miles, I would have a tough time putting even 1000 miles on the bike commuting. I do ride to work whenever I can (when the weather is cooperating).

I end up riding between 3000 and 4000 miles a year with as many of those miles as possible on twisty roads. Since my wife doesn't like riding on a motorcycle, all of our trips together are in a car. If she liked riding, I could probably double the riding miles per year.

I need to get better at neglecting my home, yard, and family so I can put more miles on my bikes.
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Thom Thumb
Advanced Member
1595 Posts

Jordan, MN


Sportster XL883

Posted - 03/08/2007 :  12:11 PM
Well, I'm lucky enough to be retired now, so commuting is not my thing any more. Last season I rode about 4,000 miles, probably 1/3 commuting, and 2/3 pleasure. I bet there are a lot of readers out there who fit that category, more or less.

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Posted - 03/08/2007 :  2:05 PM
I drive a company truck so commuting is not an option. But I do try and ride every day I can. LOL, and yes, i'm guilty of putting off things like mowing the lawn in favor of a ride.

Mostly local rides, foothills close mountain passes, adds up to 5-8000 miles/year.
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Male Advanced Member
1796 Posts

Baytown, Texas


'07 V-Star Custom

Posted - 03/08/2007 :  2:13 PM
I have a 34mile one way (70mile round trip 5x a week) I also do PGR rides and they sometimes are up to 150miles a way, plus the Star riders group I belong monthly do 250+ mile joy rides monthly

I have 3 months ride time (3months maint time due to incident) and have over 6k miles...does that count for 10k miles a year or more?

I use mine as a primary form of transportation when I can, I feel safer on the freeways than I do in town
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Male Advanced Member
801 Posts

Toronto, Ontario


Marauder vz 805

Posted - 03/08/2007 :  4:55 PM
I did manage about 2,000 miles from May to October last year but that was a short first season based on purchase time. Probably not going to do much more than 3,000 a year moving forward (Gawwwd! the bike should last 30 years based on that accumulation alone)
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Male New Member
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scottsboro, alabama



Posted - 03/09/2007 :  7:26 PM
I ride about 4,000 a year. Its always a pleasure even if I find an excuse for a ride its a joy to go.
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Male Junior Member
59 Posts

seattle, wa


86 VF500 Interceptor

Posted - 03/18/2007 :  2:52 PM
Hi all, I ride daily , My Cycle is my only method of transportation. Had my truck running and used it mid-dec mid-feb, but it's broke again . I average about 250 miles a week for work commute, and then at least another 250 in "running around" . I Ride rain, wind, or shine...though i do not ride in the snow and ice. I logged somewhere around 20k miles last year, and hope to continue to keep the rubber side down
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Male Senior Member
413 Posts

San Francisco, CA


73 CB450, Kymco 150

Posted - 10/10/2007 :  5:07 PM
Put about 4K miles a year on. I pretty much only travel on two wheels (except when my wife will let me take the car fishing). ;)

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