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 Accidents/injuries in MSF or RE classes
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Male Standard Member
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Oxnard, CA


Burgman 650

Posted - 04/16/2007 :  9:37 AM
Taken in Camarillo, California (MSF). Two drops, but no injuries. The first was from a lady who was petrified of the bike, and was only there to please her husband. She left after her drop. The second one was during the final tests, and was done by a lady who was not in the class itself, but had showed up to retake the tests. I think she dropped the bike the first time she toke the test as well.

I almost dropped my bike during the class, but was able to save it.
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Male Junior Member
27 Posts

Monticello, MN


ZZR 1200

Posted - 04/16/2007 :  10:04 AM
I just recently completed the MSF BRC course this weekend. There were two drops, on in the offset cone weave and one in the figure 8 box. I cant say for sure, but it appeared to be from either front brake use or chopping the throttle while leaned over at slow speed. Anyway neither rider was injured. The instructors were very helpful, IMO, through out the entire course. For the guys that fell, one of the instructors spent a few minutes with them immediately afterward to help them understand why it happened. Overall, I would give the course and my instructors a high rating.

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Male Junior Member
31 Posts

Layton, UT


Vulcan 900 Classic

Posted - 04/16/2007 :  1:29 PM
I took my course in Ogden Utah (MSF) and we had one accident. Coming in to park from the range one of the ladies who I could tell was scared of riding came to a stop and forgot to put her feet down. She went down at 0 MPH. She was uninjured except possible a bruise here or there and there was only minor damage to the bike (small dent on the tank).
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Male Advanced Member
616 Posts

Castle Rock, CO



Posted - 04/16/2007 :  2:41 PM
MSF course in Denver last year, six students. Late in the first day one student dropped her bike twice in a row after doing pretty well (got psyched out after the first drop) but was able to recover and did fine after that. No injuries, no drops the second day, everyone passed.

The unwritten policy seemed to be that if you did not drop your bike during the tests, you would pass. Good thing because I totally blew the swerve test. I had to re-do it because I missed the shift up to second and was too slow going in, then the second time I went in to fast and hit a cone. I had done it fine many times during practice, and that was the exercise I thought would give me the least trouble! :(
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Male Senior Member
366 Posts

Wichita, KS


V-Strom 650

Posted - 04/16/2007 :  5:32 PM
Originally posted by ColoRexer

I had done it fine many times during practice, and that was the exercise I thought would give me the least trouble! :(

Funny how that works. I almost lost it during the panic stop excercise. I did ok with it during the day. Then when it came time to do the test, I locked the front and almost dropped it. I saved it and managed to stop quickly enough, but just barely.

On the other hand, I could never quite get the box drill right during the practice. I was always going over the line or having to put a foot down. Then when it came time for the test, I did it absolutely perfectly. Surprised the hell out me, I figured if I was going to have a problem it was going to be on that section.
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Advanced Member
1077 Posts

Houston, Texas


1997 Virago XV1100

Posted - 04/18/2007 :  3:47 PM
MSF BRC taken in Houston, Texas, April, 2005.

One injury during the testing phase. A lady dropped the bike turning at the end of the test course when she used the front brake at low speed. She scrapped her elbow enough to cause slight bleeding, but it did not require medical attention.

The instructor ruled that she was past the end of the test course when she dropped the bike and she was not disqualified. But she was also allowed to repeat several other portions of the test until she got them right.

Everyone who finished the course was passed. There were a couple of students that did not make it to class at the start of the second day and they were not allowed to come in late and they did not pass.
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Mystic Red
Male Senior Member
379 Posts

Twin Lakes, Idaho



Posted - 04/19/2007 :  5:42 PM
I don't know if this qualifies under your criteria or not, James, so you might want to check out their site before I vote.
It was an advanced class focusing on safety and riding skills, 4 hours of classroom and it turned out, 5 hours of riding. Long day!
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Male Standard Member
107 Posts

Green Valley, Arizona



Posted - 04/22/2007 :  8:36 PM
On the other hand, I could never quite get the box drill right during the practice. I was always going over the line or having to put a foot down. Then when it came time for the test, I did it absolutely perfectly. Surprised the hell out me, I figured if I was going to have a problem it was going to be on that section.


I had the same experience! I was so elated that I did the box test perfectly I rode out to do the swerve test which I never had dificulty with and blew it because I wasn't paying attention and started the swerve too early. Luckily. we had two chances to do that and my second run was fine.

(We had no dropped bikes during the whole course and that included two or three people completely new to motorcycles.)
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Male Advanced Member
728 Posts

Ottawa, Ontario


09 Wee

Posted - 04/27/2007 :  11:38 AM
Canadian Safety Council "Gearing Up" Course at Humber College.

100-120 250cc Virago motorcycles in the course.

One accident and one injury that I witnessed.

I had trouble with the braking on a curve to the left side, most of the weekend and I went down on the morning of the second day. I injured my pride and scuffed my left boot and glove. The stitching started coming out a week later and I stopped using the gloves.

A young lady (the spouse of a gentleman in our group), received a laceration on her lower leg that caused her to withdraw from the course, and visit the hospital.

This year I took a "Pro-Rider" course with eight people all on their own bikes. There were no accidents and the worst injury was a sunburn.

A neighbor did the "Gearing Up" at a different rider training institute and said that they waived the braking on a curve requirement to get your M2 license, when there were three serious accidents due to the rain.

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New Member
22 Posts

Lawson, MO



Posted - 05/02/2007 :  3:35 PM
I took the BRC last month. I had taken a similar msf course 15 years ago.
If I remember, 3 or 4 of the 11 total in class were new riders.
There were 3 or 4 dropped bike incidents; 2 from the same person and one with a person in a curve grabbing a handful of front brake. He flew over the bike and rolled. He claimed not to be hurt seriously.
Nobody failed the final test although several people had to repeat parts of it. We were told that a dropped bike on the test meant failing.
The instructors had obviously been coached not to be too specific in answering questions regarding real-world situations, but did personally coach people on the range when they had bad problems. There was not nearly the emphasis on leaning or looking as in the first time I took the class.
The staggered cones were set up awfully close to some light poles. When I mentioned this I was told that if I were looking to where I want to go I'd never notice them.
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Male Junior Member
37 Posts

Texarkana, Texas


2002 TC Deluxe

Posted - 05/03/2007 :  4:58 PM
I took the MSF class in Texarkana last year. On the first day, one lady let the bike run away with/from her. We were just going back and forth across the lot. She popped the clutch, then came off the back giving the throttle a good twist. The bike came up on it's rear wheel, but she was off if by them.
She was shaken, but uninjured. The bike lost a foot peg. She left the class after that. I hope she came back and tried again. She was just too nervous. She rode with her husband and wanted to learn to ride in the event of an emergency.
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Male Starting Member
1 Posts

Huntsville, AL


Valkyrie Tourer

Posted - 05/08/2007 :  10:00 AM
MSF RSS (student), May 2000, Michigan
MSF RSS Instructor Prep Jul 2000 Michigan
MSF ERC (student) Jun 2004 Ohio
MSF BRC (student)Jul 2005 Michigan
MSF Rider Coach Prep Jan 2007 Alabama(i had let my cert expire)

It varies, we have had a little bit of everything in both the classes I was an instructor and as a student. I dont recall there being any majot injuries, just scratches.
I was one of the drops during the ERC course. I was doing the course 2-up with my wife. The only drop and it was completely my fault. During the pause and go, I got a little cockey and dropped my bike. No injuries and no damage.
That said, we have failed a fair number and for the most part when we tell someone they have failed, there seems to be a relief wash accross their face. I think some programs are reluctant to fail because of the cost the students pay. I feel that it should have no bearing. My personal view is that if someone has gone the whole weekend doing very well and happens to have a "brain fart" during the evaluation, short of dropping the bike, they will pass. If somebody has really been struggling all weekend, then I want to hold them to the standard. If they fail, so be it. I really like this forum and am glad to have found it.
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Male New Member
13 Posts

San Diego, CA

(Unknown - Other)

Posted - 05/13/2007 :  3:48 PM
Today was my last day in the California MSF Basic RiderCourse, and I am very sad that it's over. But for the purposes of this poll, there were no accidents and no injuries on either day during the on-cycle training.

It was a blast though! I wish they would have let us continue riding, but 10 hours is sufficient time to teach even a rookie like myself to become comfortable and confident with operating a motorcycle. Now I must find a starter bike and continue practicing in parking lots nearby. =]
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Female New Member
14 Posts

Pitkin, Louisiana


VStar 650

Posted - 07/17/2007 :  7:56 AM
There was one incident in the class I took in Louisiana. One student ran off the course onto an adjoining parking lot. She didn't drop it and there were no injuries. She got it back on the course. It was not Riders Edge, it was sponsored through the La. Dept. of Ed.
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Male Standard Member
247 Posts

Tonawanda, New York



Posted - 08/14/2007 :  1:59 PM
Took the BRC last weekend. 10 riders, 0 drops.
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Male New Member
11 Posts

Kennesaw, Georgia


Interceptor 500

Posted - 08/24/2007 :  2:41 PM
I just completed the Rider's Edge BRC course this past weekend. We had three drops and they were all a little different:
The first was a younger guy who didn't know how to work a manual transmission very well, and in a turn down-shifted and dropped the bike when his bike slowed down to about 1mph from engine braking.
The other two both happened during the "Limited-space Maneuvers" exercise, both in the "S-curves". The first of these was a young woman who did what the instructors had warned could happen if you went through too slowly - a "stop-and-drop". She didn't have enough speed going through the turns and when the bike stopped, she couldn't hold it up. The second was an older gentleman (about 60), he was in the other "S-curve" and we had been warned not to use any brakes during the turn because it would cause the bike to "dive". He got nervous during the curve and grabbed a fistful of front brake, and at about 3mph he hit the pavement, tearing his jeans and requiring him to go wash up.

None of the accidents caused any appreciable damage to the motorcycles, or their riders. I would definitely say that the biggest thing hurt in any of the accidents was the pride of the riders.
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Male New Member
10 Posts

San Diego, CA


V-Star 650 Classic

Posted - 09/07/2007 :  1:21 PM
When I was taking my BRC class, one person dropped the bike during the final test. It was done when swerving and when he swerved he hit the brakes and went down.
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Male Junior Member
81 Posts

Pleasant Hill, CA


'07 Softail Custom

Posted - 09/07/2007 :  7:35 PM
I took the MSF in Hayward, California- May 2007. No drops or accidents- one failed. She later re-took and passed.
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