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 Would you pass these vehicles?
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Male Starting Member
1 Posts

Leesburg, Florida


GL 1800

Posted - 07/03/2008 :  4:01 PM
Why pass the scenery is too good to miss.Slow down and enjoy the great outdoors.Love the look around there............
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Male Junior Member
30 Posts

Sydney, Cape Breton Island


Midnight Venture

Posted - 07/03/2008 :  6:08 PM
I agree with all the negative responses to this poll on whether or not you would pass the RV's, even without the on-coming traffic in the picture. Isn't this a 'no brain-er'? How about giving us a really tough picture test, BadBob?
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Male Standard Member
161 Posts

Know Name City, Unknown


V-Star 1100

Posted - 07/03/2008 :  6:19 PM
I agree with your assessment. I chose this photo in order to contrast the responses here with those that the same photo and question elicited elsewhere. There's a huge dichotomy.
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Female Standard Member
234 Posts

Radcliff, KY


Posted - 07/07/2008 :  2:05 PM

1) oncomming traffic

2) curve ahead

3) Did we miss the double yellow line?

Even if there was nothing oncomming and no curve, the double yellow is reason enough for me.
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Male Junior Member
49 Posts

Victoria, TX



Posted - 07/08/2008 :  6:46 PM

1) I dont cross double lines. My luck would predicate a cop in hiding if I did.

2) Oncoming vehicle. Nuff said.

3) Blind curve on the left. Even without the oncoming car, there could be anything around the corner.

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Male Starting Member
9 Posts

Wisconsin Rapids, WI


GL 1800

Posted - 07/08/2008 :  7:53 PM
besides the obvious reasons, yellow line, blind curve, etc..., what's my hurry. It looks like a nice day for a ride and the scenery is great and I am not at work.
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Male Starting Member
2 Posts

Dearborn Heights, Michigan


CB 360

Posted - 07/29/2008 :  12:58 PM
No way. I'd just sit back and enjoy the ride.
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(Deleted or Lost)

Posted - 08/22/2008 :  2:47 PM
No way.
That situation is common on the roads I ride for pleasure around here. I take a look from the outside edge of the lane, to assess what's there on my side, drop back a little into an 'I'm clearly not going to overtake' position, and wait for a dotted line on my side to appear.
Then I assess the oncoming traffic, and any traffic behind me, while moving up into an 'about to overtake' position, make a go or no-go decision, and either drop a gear and pass very quickly, or back to the 'I'm clearly not going to overtake' position. Occasionally it's several miles before I get to a 'go'. I enjoy each process as an exercise of skill, anyway.
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Male New Member
16 Posts

Knoxville, TN



Posted - 08/24/2008 :  6:04 PM
There is no way I would even attempt to pass in this situation:

1.) I have ridden for less than six hundred miles;
2.) I have driven automobiles of all kinds for thousands of miles yet I would not risk such a pass in any one of them, even if I was driving a Ferrari Enzo; (yeah, right )
3.) methinks the double yellow may be painted here because of the impending left-hand curve;
4.) it is illegal to pass on a double yellow;
5.) there is never a reasonable time to assume LEO's will not be present; (John Lennon says it best when he says 'instant karma's gonna' getcha')
6.) if it was really bothering me to be stuck behind the trailers I would pull over and enjoy the scenery long enough to let them get significantly further ahead of me.
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Male Advanced Member
2273 Posts

colorado springs, co


CB750 NightHawk

Posted - 08/24/2008 :  9:08 PM

NO. Not even a ounce of thought going into this one.

I see a lot of responses first go to the issue of the double yellow. The first thing I notice in the photo perspective is the lack of visual at the curve coming up ahead.

Blind curve and the vehicles ahead (even at a slow speed) are going to be at the curve (blind spot) before you could get around them. Nowhere for anyone to go including the potential on-coming vehicle/s. This is a pretty easy call.

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Junior Member
61 Posts

Athens, GA



Posted - 08/27/2008 :  10:16 AM
I certainly wouldn't pass there, but I wouldn't be a slave to a double yellow line if there were sufficient sight distance. My bike has a lot of acceleration capability, so I'm out and back in very quickly. Some day a LEO may see me, but that's life.

I am not advocating anyone else ride like I do, just stating facts.

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Male Standard Member
196 Posts

Milan, New York


650+87 Honda GL1200I

Posted - 09/01/2008 :  9:54 AM
The GLARING obstacle to me is the double yellow regardless of traffic conditions and road configuration. Pull over, take a drink of your favorite (NON alcoholic, of coarse) beverage and enjoy the scenery while they plod along. I lean toward the more conservative style and ask myself "what if.............?" a lot. It just does not look like a safe pass. Besides, passing on a double yellow would only create a negative view of motorcyclists to anyone observing the act.
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